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Burnt Plastic - At Least It's Not the House

I had a full work Tuesday. A lot of small things done that I needed to get done last week, but I finally got around to this week.

For lunch, I went out with the intension of a small adventure. I really like mildly sweet drinks, so I thought, for once, that I'd try the sugar substitutes. I bought Arizona No Carb green tea (which had sorbitol, sucralose, and something potassium in it), their Diet Green Tea (with just sucralose and the potassium thing), and some Select fruit water (with asperteme that wasn't shown on the front label, just 'no sugar'...). I drank the whole quart of No Carb tea and ended up still feeling thirsty but bloated. But that may well have been the antihistimin I took or the fact that I have a thorough case of PMS.

I'm still mildly ambivilent about artificial sweeteners. I used to drink Tab by the gallon, but I also used to have a lot of other health problems, then, too. NOT that I would link them, but I've, oddly enough, associated the taste of artificial sweeteners with feeling not too good. I'll see what happens with the other bottles.

In the evening, I met up with John and Jet in Boulder at the VW Dealer as they'd called to say that they had the parts for the van and could do the recall work. That was good. We all met right on time, and Jet was fast asleep in his car seat. He'd only had a twenty minute nap with John, and, afterwards, he'd eaten a TON of food.

So we did our errands. Drop signed stuff off at Colleen's office. Go to Safeway to get a few things. In the middle of John shopping, my cell phone rang and it was Kaye asking if someone could show the house. We'd been thinking of dining out anyway, so I said sure! John had cleaned up the house, so we were set.

We found dinner at Lulu's Kitchen, in the new 'warehouse' portion of Boulder. It's the oddest thing to find brand new 'lofts' with a few businesses scattered through them at the edge of town. They're more like condos, but with open floor plans, open duct work, and lots of metal. The restaurant was along the same themes and served a menu of what looked like classic Soul Foods. We ordered chicken and waffles and a crawfish po-boy with collard greens and corn pudding. The chicken was overcooked, the crawfish greasy and scarce. The greens were SPICY hot, and the corn pudding was sweet. Jet's side of white rice crunched when he ate the first few spoonfuls. *sigh*

Why is it so hard to find great food in Boulder when it's all so expensive?

Ah well. We did order dessert to go. John got a Cookies and Creme pie piece, and I got sweet potato pie. Our waitress put them in a box and a bag and we wandered about the lofts for a bit before going home.

When we stepped into the house, I smelled burning/burnt plastic. A terrible stink that is unmistakable. John and I quickly peered at everything and saw no smoke anywhere. I double checked the area heaters, and then John found the realtor card on the kitchen counter. All it read was, "DR fixture started to smoke. We turned it off."


Sure enough, the fixture was melted, the light bulb in there was completely blackened on the connector side, and it was all soft and stank to high heaven. We opened up the lower level of the house, eventhough it was pretty chilly outside. I put a sweater on me and on Jet, and Jet and I played computer games while John took out the bad fixture and tried to get the smell to stop. I started the house fan and electronic air cleaner while Jet was thoroughly occupied in a game of bumper cars (he's astonishingly good at the games), and things started to get gradually better.

I'm glad the house didn't burn down; but I could have wished for a better showing.

Ah well.

We finally all got to bed around ten, with plans, tomorrow, to get a new fixture and see how it all goes. Both John and I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of showings so far. It's definitely going better than I had expected, and even Colleen is surprised by how many calls she's getting from drive-bys rather than just agents wanting to show the house. That was pretty cool. I'm glad that it's going that well. Colleen has heard from, probably, both the couples that had showings over the weekend and Monday... one wanted a main floor study as well and the other loved the house but has to get their lives together before they can contemplate a move. Still, this might be enough incentive... we'll see.

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