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Furniture, Showings, and Mina's For Dinner

Today was highly scheduled . It didn't start with anything we had to do, but got filled up fast.

John took charge of looking for a bed for Jet and for a kitchen table for our new kitchen. Since we'll now have both a dining room and the kitchen breakfast nook, we need a table for the kitchen. Plus, most of the counter space in the new kitchen is tiled, so I need a solid, flat workspace for rolling dough out. My parents' kitchen is made up like that, with tiled counters in the kitchen table for prep work.

After a mistaken breakfast, where I missed one egg in our baked pancake, we loaded up the van with supplies, Jet, and his car seat and we headed toward Denver. There's a cluster of furniture stores around the 86th block north of town and Broadway. John found quite a few of them in the phone book. So we headed out to the cluster with an intent to do research. We decided that we would look at what there was available and only buy when we knew what we should be paying or what we really wanted to get. It was our usual way of doing things.

The first three stops were typical. We unloaded Jet, he ran, and ran, and ran around the showroom until some salesperson would accost him. Jet would start explaining something about the board of square tiles next to the guy, the rack of upholstery circles to the bemused saleswoman, or how the lights work by using good batteries to some lady who had told him he was cute. They'd admire him. Jet would then get shy and burst his way through the set displays. He never knocked anything over, but he did find that if he got up enough speed he could get through nearly any size space. That would mildly alarm the salesperson, but so long as we were either looking at the furniture or talking to them, they figured they had a captive audience.

Jet would then show that he loved climbing. He would climb every bunk bed he could find, and then start trying to climb up the back of couches. When Jet got really bored he would start exploring the entire maze of displays. At that point three different sales folks told John and I that Jet was really smart. They would comment about his being able to figure out shapes, undo latches, and figure out ways to through or over the maze. I'm still a little uncertain if it was just that obvious that Jet is smart or if it's a universal sales ploy. "Your offspring is really some positive thing. You must be too, to shop here..." or something.

Just off the main furniture drag I spotted a sign that said "Super Dave's Discount Furniture: Look here before you buy!" Jet loved the colorful Super Dave on the door and ran right in. Every fifth thing was on Clearance Sale, and upstairs I was flabbergasted to find that seemed, at first, to be a Corian-topped table! It was pretty heavy stuff, but when John came up to look at it he said, "I think this is actually granite, not Corian. The bottom is really rough." It was really rough, and it was really hard for me to lift even half the table. I used to have a Corian cutting board, and the back of it was dull, not rough. It was also exactly the right size for our new breakfast nook. Best of all it was far less expensive than I thought it should be.

One great thing about stone is that we can use pretty much any kind of cleanser on it. If Jet happened to paint, draw, or simply smear something on it that is hard to remove we can use nearly any chemical we want to and not damage the surface or finish. That is not something I could say about a veneer or some kind of Formica-like surface. The other nice thing is that I would never have to use a hot pad on the dinner table again.

The sales lady at Super Dave's was different. Instead of letting Jet just ramble on until he stopped, she engaged him in a rather lengthy conversation. Rather than telling us about how smart he was, she told him. Then she asked us if it would be okay to give him a cookie. We approved. Jet approved immensely. She then commented on their furniture in terms of having a little boy. Terms like, "as soon as he pulls out that drawer and jumps in it...", "sturdy enough for him to climb", and "why buy something new what he's going to grow out of it?" Made her much more interesting to listen to. It didn't hurt to find a love seat and couch housing four recliners for half the price I'd seen anywhere else. Not that we had been shopping for a new couch, but sitting there we realize just how saggy our 10-year-old couches of sleep were getting, and how much nicer it would be to have these. My lower back was especially happy with the idea.

The sales lady at also had great advice about kids furniture. The Boulder newspapers, she said, are often filled with designer kids furniture, cheap. She had never seen that in the Denver paper, only in Boulder, where folks seem to buy incredibly solid stuff for their kids. If we bought Jet's new bed or a bunk bed through an ad, we'd save a lot of money. That was very useful information to know.

So we put money down on the couch and table and told her we'd love to have them delivered when we moved into the new place. She was fine with that and with that delay. Yay! We'll pay the balance when it's time to actually have them delivered.

That was quite the accomplishment.

The next thing we planned to do was a visit to an Italian deli in Broomfield. John had found it in the paper and really wanted to try it. It turned out to be much bigger on the prepared food side than the other Italian deli we found by the pho restaurant. They had far fewer groceries, drygoods, and cuts of fresh meat. The deli, though, was extensive. They had a dozen subs, hot and cold, and a good dozen hot lunches as well. Their dinner menu was very extensive and brand-new. The counter lady said that they'd just started serving dinners. It looked wonderful. I got an enormous meatball sandwich. Each giant meatball was wrapped in provolone, stuffed into crusty bread, and then smothered in a tangy-sweet tomato sauce. It was far more than I could eat, but I really tried. Jet was asleep for the entire thing, he was so tired from running around all those stores. John's cold sub looked very impressive as well.

We did a few more errands on the way home. Enough so that when we pulled in, Jet had already had his hour and a half nap. So he woke up, had some lunch, and then helped me transplant all 40 seedlings from my first tray of sprouts. That, of course, was when time got to tight.

At three John was supposed to meet the guy that bought his project Land Rover. At two Colleen called to say that she was going to show the house to someone at four. At 2:45 Roy, our next-door neighbor, brought over the partner who owned part of his plane to see the house. His partner wanted to moved into the neighborhood as well. So he wandered around the house with John doing the guiding. I was wrist-deep into potting soil when he arrived, so he didn't shake hands for good reason. The Land Rover guy arrived as they pulled out. He paid his money, took his title, and said that he'd be by later in the week will to pick up boxes of parts. 10 minutes before four we saw Colleen's car pull up and an older couple climb out.

We ran out of the door to the garage to the cars with all of our grocery shopping paraphernalia. As we were winding up our new shopping, Colleen called John's cell phone. She was pretty excited about the showing, which was very cool. The cell phone, however, kept cutting out. We decided to just go home and call her from there. We got the full report. They lived in Golden in the guy worked in Frederick and wanted to shorten his commute. She did woodworking and really enjoyed the space of our extra garage. She also really enjoyed cooking, and appreciated the kitchen. They also had family that visited on a regular basis, so appreciated the extra bedrooms and space. So it sounded very promising. They were even wandering around describing where their furniture might go.

That sounded very good.

At seven Dan, Bonnie, and Andrea arrived. Dan and John had set up a dinner together, tonight, at Mina's. Andrea was nice enough to offer babysitting services for Jet while we were eating.

In the words of Mina, herself, "We really sucked tonight. We're made to feed the folks in Erie, all these other people just overwhelmed us." A Denver food critic had, unexpectedly, included them as one of his "Best" restaurants in the area. On top of a review that had appeared the previous week, it had caught them completely and totally by surprise. The restaurant was just packed and it was a two-hour wait for a table. By the time we actually got food it was nearly three hours. But for us the food was very good. We ordered the house specialties, and when we got the food it was still hot and very happily received. There were tables of very disgruntled people all around us. I had, however, very little sympathy for the guy who said that his food was too spicy hot for him to eat. If you're afraid of chilies and their heat, you have no business going to an authentic Mexican restaurant. But I was sad to hear about cold dinners, and people who are really unhappy with the waits. I honestly don't think they could have done anything about those.

The good part about the whole thing was being able to really talk with Dan and Bonnie. It's been nearly a year since we've really seen them, and it was great to talk, catch up, and listen to them. They are really good people.

When we got home Jet was crashed on the couch. Andrea was just sitting quietly on the love seat. She had wanted to wake Jet up so hadn't turned on the TV. She was really nice. I felt a little guilty about not telling her that a bomb could have gone off if Jet fell asleep and it wouldn't wake him up. Between us, John and I found enough cash for a decent babysitting fee. I was very glad of that as I didn't want her to go unpaid. It's hard enough to find babysitters.

I'm now pretty darn tired, but very content with the packed day.

Jet didn't really wake up for getting his pajamas on, so we decided we'll brush his teeth in the morning. I think it'll be okay. He just rolled onto his bed, sighed, and was deeply asleep again. I think we had a full enough day that he'll sleep just fine.

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