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Crocodiles in the Fireplace

A while ago, we decided it was far more economical for John and I to have bagels and lox at Cafe Luna than at home. They give you four huge slices of the delicate fish, a toasted bagel, tomatoes, cream cheese, lemon, and red onion slices for something like $3.25. Amazing, to me, given the local prices for wild salmon lox. Admittedly, I have no idea if the slices they serve are cultivated or wild, but so it is. It's lox.

Someday, John says that we really should buy the 'cheap' lox at Costco and just indulge in a load of lox for a week. I think I'm in on that kind of thing with him.

But, this morning, we decided that Cafe Luna was the right idea. Jet had already had a smoothie and some cereal, and when we got there, he got his hot chocolate and was content with that, though he did pick up a huge chunk of chocolate cake he actually ate very little of the sugary mass. John and I had espresso drinks and bagels and then took Jet to Sunday School.

Normally, John goes to some adult classes, so I set myself up so that I can just do something while waiting for the boys. This time I brought along my pen-journal and just sat and wrote. I figured that if I did that, dictating it would be a breeze. With my hands in as bad a shape as they were in on Friday, anything I could do for them would be a good thing. So I sat down in the library lounge and wrote and got to hear about a different John, his 60th birthday (with cake for everyone!), and about the Bear that got his and a friend's food while they were camping and then their Close Encounter with the reluctantly driven off bear. Hee. That was fun.

The service was great. The youth of the church did the whole service, from beginning to end. Obviously with a little help in the planning, but in execution, they did the entire thing. It was interesting and compelling and intelligently presented. I really enjoyed it a lot and really admired the folks that did it and those that helped organize it. Yay for youth and their perspectives on a world that I didn't even know.

Jet had a great snack. Then he and Turner went off to the Fireside Room and their fort of four couches, and built bridges, wrangled imaginary crocodiles, and leapt from safe area to safe area. When I came in on them both Jet and Turner were standing in front of a fireplace, peering into the glass in front of the grate, then Jet and Turner told me about the 'bad crocodiles trapped by the glass' and how they were going to burn up when an adult turned on the fire. Wow. For all that I've tried to stay away from 'good' and 'bad'... Jet's still gotten, deeply, the concept that there are good things and bad things, and if a man or crocodile is 'bad' you can pretty much do anything to them and it's okay. Beat 'em up, bury them, burn them, stomp on them, or squish them. This is why an army of four-year-olds would be so scary.

There was a small book sale, too, and I bought a few books. Two of them were art books, for me, and I really am looking to do more of that kind of stuff in the longer term, with or without Jet. But he's a good excuse to find the time.

Jet slept on the way home. So I got a chance to make the blue version of handmade paper, and I really enjoyed doing it. I used blue construction paper as the 'color' and got pale, powder blue speckled papers. No sizing, so it'll run like crazy if I use ink on them, but I may well try that with Chinese character brushing, as if I can work with the running, it'll actually look pretty good.

Jet woke up while I was dipping my last sheet. He watched, quietly, and when I got it all cleaned up, he wanted up. So we cuddled in the rocking chair with some chocolate milk and he gradually woke up. He helped me make a casserole with the last of the roast chicken, and then ate noodles with us for dinner.

When we were done with that, and John seemed to want to veg out a little with the TV, Jet and I sat down on the kitchen floor and made granola. It's been a while, as I like oatmeal better when it's cold out. But with all the warm weather happening, it was time to toast some oats and nuts again. Jet helped me measure out everything, and I put him in charge of stirring while I mixed up all the wet ingredients and added them in. Jet was great. He didn't spill a crumb, and when the mixture was toasted and cooled, Jet ate it by the handfuls. He really liked it. "Crunchy."

So I have hope that his tastes really are expanding.


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