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I just spoke with my boss-to-be and we laid out my goals, responsibilities, and plans for the coming year, and it's... fantastic.

I am so stoked.

Basically, I'm going to be the interface for our customers, to gather all kinds of requirements, ask our engineers about feasibility, and figure out priorities. Then communicate what can be done with the customers, see if it meets their real needs, and then work with them on future releases, long-term road maps, and other things like that. Basically, I am the go-between for the consumation that is an actual software program. *giggles*

It's what I've been doing for two or three years, without the benefit of actually having anyone acknowledge that I'm doing project management. Now it will be with the acknowlegement and thanks of all involved. And it continues a decades long progression of getting further and further from anything 'real'. Hee.

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