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Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!

I had a really nice morning with Jet, though I had an hour and a half meeting in the midst of it, I was able to still allow Jet to do fingerpainting. He did great while I was meeting, and stayed enough on the paper that I didn't have to worry too much about him. That was cool.

After John had already left for work, Jet decided he didn't really want donuts enough to leave his Veggi-Tales game. So I started whipping up half a batch of British-style pancakes, a la a recipe pointed to by genitiggy a few years ago as a pre-Lent treat. Jet saw me with my whisk and wanted to "help", so he came up on the counter and helped me mix the batter. He stayed to watch me cook them and he commented, "Very, very big, skinny pancakes." Which they were and then he added, "I eat with yo-gut."

So I put a big blob of peach yogurt on a plate with one of the crepe-like pancakes, and he demanded that I cut it up for him. So I did.

He demolished it.

And the next one, and the next one...

I ended up eating only two of the usual five pancakes that the recipe makes up. But it was a good way to finish off my chestnut cream, and I felt far less guilty with only two pancakes than I would have with all five. Jet then 'shared' a Pink Lady apple that I'd peeled, pitted, and parted, and we ended up each eating half the apple. Jet's definitely eating more things more often and in greater quantity. Yay!

He went with Joan when she picked him up, they played like mad in the Mall while I had three clear hours. When Joan dropped him back off, he was fast asleep, and I got another hour in while he slept. Then I loaded him, still asleep, into the van and we went Rec. Centering.

Fun, toys, and swimming later, and we were famished when we came out. We often go to cheap places after swimming, and I was, finally, kind of tired of it. So we ended up at a packed Sakura, the local sushi place, with good, fresh fish, and John and I stuffed ourselves on really great fish and an appetizer of vegetable tempura. Jet actually grabbed at the tempura and ate a good portion of it along with his rice and the rest of the sauce on the plate. So he did good.

It's been a while since I indulged in sushi, and I had fresh salmon, great mackarel, yellowtail, and an eel and avocado roll. Since the place is actually run by a family of Malaysians, they're really informal about HOW anyone eats their sushi and are very, very friendly about anything that we order. So it was really fun. One of the waitresses came by to say that they'd missed us, that it'd been too long since we'd been by. It was good to be missed, in some ways. The new house is less than a mile from the restaurant, so I'm pretty sure we'll be by more often. *grin* And it's probably a good thing that I'll be working a few more hours to pay for that kind of fun.

Yay! Sushi!

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