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I'm feeling really draggy and out of it today, and I did some pretty weird things, come to think of it, and poor Jet was kind of squirrelly, too. But all's well that ends well.

Some of that was because Joan had to go in for surgery this afternoon to get a tendon in her wrist looked at because it was hurting her pretty badly. So I had a short work morning, compared to usual, and Jet, I think, caught Joan's unease. Plus I was mildly depressed from the fact that we're now under contract and all the effort and energy I'd been putting into keeping the house clean and trying to deal with all the emotional rollercoaster of showings and possibilities and uncertainties all had nothing to push against anymore.

My short morning was very unproductive.

When I went to get Jet, he was just running crazy; but since he had no idea what was going on, he was just nervous energy bundle and he was pretty puzzled when Joan asked him for a hug and a kiss for luck this afternoon. We wished her much luck and Jet was great and gave her a big hug and kiss.

To relieve some of the tension, Jet and I went to Safeway. We bought eggs and milk, as we needed them, but we also bought donuts and molassas-anise piggies. They seem to be a Lenten Mexican speciality, big, thick molassas cookies that aren't all that sweet, so they go really well with Mexican chocolate. Jet says that they're 'like toast', and he'll eat a little, but not a lot. He really wanted a sprinkles donut, so he got one of the "bar kind", and ate all but the last third. That last third he smashed the icing onto his car seat, took a tissue, wiped up all the frosting, and then did it again, and again, and again... which isn't THAT odd for him once he's full he'll just play with his food. And since I was driving and he was strapped into his car seat, I really didn't have a chance to rescue the seat until we stopped at home.

Then I went back, wiped up the seat, wiped up him, and when he protested driving away again AND going into the house and nursing to nap, I told him that he was getting cranky and that I didn't want to deal with him being cranky. I also told him that if he wanted to go swimming later on he had to have a nap. He surprised me by listening to me and then saying, resignedly, "Oh, ooooookay."

And we went in, he nursed, and went right to sleep. And napped through an hour and a half without a peep. It was another short time for me, so I didn't get much done, again, as it took me a while to settle.

But then he was up, and we were eating chicken and fries and a smoothie, and he did really well while I did a few more things and then packed up for the pool. We arrived early, and when I was paying for kid care, Jet marched himself over to the childcare area. He got there well before I did, and the lady that was taking care of kids today was out there, talking with him. *grin* She'd recognized him and decided to stop and talk with him and see what was up and why there wasn't a parent right on his tail. Jet just knew where to go. And I signed him in and he was content to play with the toys she got out.

John met me upstairs, and I decided to try out the new rowing machine. That was fun. Though there were no steps for the Pikachu to count. We got to talk about our days, too, and I am very aware that I am feeling really fuzzy, vague, and very tired. I also realized that I had slept very badly last night. Maybe it was just all the excitement from the contract things.

The pool was crowded. This week and next are Spring Break, so I think that's why there were so many people. We had fun anyway, and with so many people, no one minded when we snuck into the hot tub. The pools were much cooler than usual. Something about the heaters being broken over the weekend. But Jet was shivering in the play pool and he really liked being up to his neck in the 102 degree hot tub. Mmmm... warm.

Salad for dinner. I've gained back most of the pounds I lost in Mexico. I don't *feel* any fatter, and I don't really know if it was just water loss from the gut problems. Ah well. It was nice to believe I was skinnier for a while, at least. Ah well.

Afterwards, we dropped by Safeway again, and got flowers for Joan and Jet got to pick the card. Since there was a little, wooden pig in the flower arraingement, Jet HAD to get the Get Well card with the piggies on the cover. It wasn't that funny, but Jet had to get it because it had pigs, and Joan was just touched that we did it at all.

She really loved the flowers and she'd had to do the lesser of the surgeries they'd talked about, which is a good thing. But her wrist is going to be out of it for few weeks. She's getting Jet to help her with a lot of things, and for her, he'll actually help take off or put on his diaper, lie down in the right place, and do all kinds of picking up, cleaning up, and keeping things neat. He's great with all those things, and I'm very glad of it. I just have to try and open up the options for him at home, I think. Jet's really good at doing things when I explain it.

He had a mildly hard time, again, getting to sleep. For some reason, when I nurse him, now, and take him upstairs, he's waking up when I put him onto his bed and demanding to be taken downstairs. John was great and came up and took care of him. I think that Jet getting to have his Daddy when he's asking for him helps him feel like he has some control of the situation, even when John doesn't let him go downstairs, he's just happy he got his Daddy when he asked for him. That's a good thing.

I drank Sleepytime for pre-bed prep, and I am tired enough to sleep well tonight, I think.

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