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One of Those Days

So today was One of THOSE days, where things just go strange. I had to scramble for work, there was stuff that is due tomorrow that I had to get done. I'd originally gotten an extension for all the work, but my boss's boss took a look at what I'd already done and he said that that was good for what the deadline needed. So I had to polish up what I had to get it into a completely good, known state.

I also had organized a meeting in the afternoon to discuss the aspects of something that wasn't at all clear for us to implement. So I had to get prepared for it as there's a quite a lot of background stuff that I just didn't have in my head. So I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get all the necessary information.

Then I got to lunch. Jet was his usual self. Isabel was her usual self. George sounded and acted like he'd been mortally wounded. He was trembling and sad and couldn't even talk to Jet without his voice breaking, and I wondered if he'd been accidentally injured or something and when he finally opened his mouth to speak to me, I was all set for him to ask me if it wouldn't be too much trouble to take him to an emergency room or something...

He then told me that while he was trying to get at the bikes, he'd accidentally pushed that Passat right out of the garage and into the side of one of the trucks of the guys building the garage. Wow. That's better than internal damage, any day. I asked him if he was okay. Isabel said that she's seen him trying to stop the Passat on its way into the truck and was glad that he hadn't gotten run over or squished between the two vehicles. Whew. He was fine. He was just beating himself up, fiercely, for the mistake.

He had already talked to the truck owner about getting things fixed up with the truck, and he offered to pay for all the damages on the Passat. That was cool by me. I didn't fly off the handle. I didn't get mad. I didn't cry for what had happened as it couldn't be undone and could only be fixed. I think I'm getting how to do this.

There is some part of me that's sad that something of mine got broken. Brennan once messed up my CRX really badly, by accident as well. So it's the second car to get whacked by someone other than Rosty or I. But it's not really bad damage this time, just a tail light cover and some body damage. It can be fixed. It's still a little sad-making.

But I'm really glad it wasn't anger making. It wasn't all that long ago when I would have ranted and raved and gotten really mad at such a mistake. But it was also obvious to me that there was nothing I could do that was nearly as bad as how badly George was beating himself up for the mistake. John found out, when he got home, that George had been doomed from the start, as when the car started to go, George tried the driver's door, and the driver's door to the Passat has this quirk of needing four good pulls before it'll open. So when George pulled on the handle, it didn't open, so George assumed it was locked. Oops... and in an instant of panic, it was the reasonable assumption.

Anyway... all in all, all's well, no one was hurt, but we had a Dairy Queen ice cream run after dinner to just let it all settle. Jet got a great walk through Longmont proper and we found the Longmont library. That was a cool find, and John and I got cards while Jet tried to eat them, and they have a whole section of children's picture books, so we can probably just go there, get a small pile an then return them, unchewed and undrooled, when we're done. That should be good, give Jet good library habits early. It was quite a wonder to be standing in a building full of books again, and to see all the computers they had setup for anyone to use. That was so odd to see.

It's been a long time since I've been to a library, and diony reminds me, often, of the joys of having a well-stocked library and the ease of reading books that one doesn't have to keep. It would be cheaper, too, and with our new, part-time salaries, that would be a very useful thing.

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