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An okay day at work. A few things astonished me.

The first was that the boss of my NEW boss came by to tell me that, once again, there was a freeze on hiring, but that this time it wasn't going to affect me. Period. The freeze was because we're acquiring some company and getting a bunch of engineers into our division, so we're over budget for people. But, for once, it's not going to mess with me. We picked out a cubicle for me, and I filed all the paperwork to get everything moved over, and I think it'll be good.

Good God, the bullet, this time, missed me.

We went, at the usual time, to get Jet, and John talked with me about the fact that there's a group buy, and that I should ask my new boss if I should get a new machine. So I asked if I should order a new machine. And my new boss said, "You know better than I do what you need. You order what you need."

I about fell over.

Dazed me.

Jet went right to sleep during the drive home. I took care of him when he got up, as John had some meeting, and then we were called. Three realtors want to show our house. One tonight, one tomorrow, and one on Saturday. I guess if we *do* fall through with the contract we're in now, we'll have backups, maybe. But they all sounded like they really wanted to see the house, and I thought it would be safer to have a backup. So we cleaned up the house and went out.

John needed to get a few parts for our VW's. He also wanted to get a replacement filter for the humidifier before the visual inspection. Wouldn't hurt to have one. We got to both parts places just in time. At the VW dealer, though, Jet really, really, really wanted to get at some model Beetles in a glass case. He even took John's keys out of his pocket to try on the lock on the case. *giggles*. He actually took them right out of John's pocket while John was talking to someone else, and went over to the case and tried all the keys in the lock!!

Too clever by half.

From there we headed to Flat Irons and wandered around The Great Indoors, peering at refrigerators of all kinds. I'd been kind of thinking about a side-by-side, but we found this really wonderful bottom freezer fridge with two doors for the fridge part of it! I really found that fascinating, and Jet could actually open the fridge doors himself when they were that small. There was also a cool, filtered water tap inside the fridge, and no ice or water taps going through the door. I think that's the one thing I really hate about side-by-sides, in that we'd never use that door tap, I think it'd be the first thing to break, and it probably leaks cold. None of the side-by-sides, though, didn't have that 'feature'. Plus, on most of them, the ice freezer and dispenser took up a fifth of the interior of the freezer. I need more freezer room than that.

The neat new thing about the new bottom freezers is that instead of having a door like a top freezer, most of them have a pull-out, now! That's so cool. It's just a huge drawer with another slide-out drawer/shelf on top of it, so that you can at least have two layers of 'stuff' in there that's easy to go through. That's the one problem with our present fridge is that whenever I open the freezer Jet's chicken nuggets or his strawberries slide right out of the freezer, even when it's not stuffed to the gills. When it is stuffed, I'm always trying to catch stuff when I open the door. Bleh. So I'm kind of looking forward to a new model of the same thing we have. Yay!

Afterwards, we sat in the glassed-in stop for the Zip shuttle. They only run every 15 minutes on the weekdays, and we just missed it, so it took a while for them to come. Across the parking lot was a Red Lobster, and John and I discussed eating there for a bit, and suddenly Jet pipes up, "Red monster? I no want eat red monsters!!"

We tried to explain. But it ended up with, "Red monster in water? No want eat water. No eat red monsters!! No want to eat at red monster. Red monster eat me!"


So, no red monster for us!

We ended up at Bahama Breeze. Jet was kind of squirrelly from hunger, and I asked the waiter to have Jet's dinner AND his chocolate shake arrive when our appetizers and salad arrived. They didn't. My appetizer arrived after John's salad was finished. Then when our food arrived, my angel hair pomadora was just... mushy. The pasta was so overcooked it was gluey. I ate about a third of it and stopped because it was just so bad. John's ribs were wonderful! Jet's crispy chicken nuggets and fries were wonderful. The fries were thin and crisp, and Jet called them 'chop sticks!' as he had potato sticks at the salad place for quite some time and he calls those 'chop sticks' too. So I ate two of John's many ribs, some of Jet's nuggets and fries, and had a good meal. The ribs cost as much as Chili's ribs and were infinitely more tender, tasty, and unique. Really delicious.

It was too bad about the pasta. When a waitress stopped by to see how we were doing, I asked for a box for Jet's food, and when she asked if we wanted more boxes for my food, I said no, the pasta was way overcooked, and I didn't want it. I said it kind of matter-of-fact, as part of me thinks of it as kind of a preference... but she talked with the manager, and he came by to ask if we wanted anything more. We were all really full, so we apologized and said that we were about ready to go. Jet was raring to go and told him, "We go now." *giggles*

So they surprised the hell out of me and deducted the price of my dinner from our check!! Hokey smokes. I guess I will go back there again, sometime.

We didn't get home until nearly Jet's bed time, and he was tired enough from all the running around to just go to sleep. Whew.

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