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I begin my new job next week. So today was my last Thursday where I get to just play with Jet in the morning, at least for a little while. I may well just do this every OTHER Thursday, but on the other day I have a staff meeting I have to attend... or, better yet, it might move to another day entirely, and we'll be able to have fun some other morning.

So Jet and I had fun today. We had most of it at home, though, as we have a ton of things still to pack and I wanted to do a little of it today. Jet, though, played outside in the 70+ going to 80 degree weather. The spring grass is starting to green, but John is afraid of freezing the watering system if a normal spring snow storm hits. So I gave Jet the water spraying gun, turned on the water and told him to spray anything he wanted. I moved his car and his play house periodically, to make sure that more of the lawn got water than not, and that seemed to be quite fun for him.

With his little sun hat and his watering can, Jet then started to make the rounds of the yard. Every once in a while, I'd look outside, and he'd have disappeared, so I'd go out and find him. At one time, he climbed into the wagon and wanted a walk, so we went on a walk together.

You know, there are moments when I'd really like to just be a Mom rather than a working Mom, too; but maybe what makes these times so special, for me at least, is that they're so rare...

Eventually, Jet had a popsicle, and then he wanted a hot dog, so I made him a hot dog, in a bun, even, and he decided he wanted just the hot dog. So I put it on a stick for him, and he ate it all. Wow. He asked for carrots, so I got him a handful of those, too, and he ate a couple of them. I'm glad he likes the good stuff, too.

Joan came and got him at 11:45 and he was happy to see Haley. She was pretty happy to see him, too. He napped there for just an hour, as Haley woke him up after her lunch. Joan thought it would be fair, then, for him to wake Haley up after her hour-long nap. Hee. He had fun doing it, too.

I got him at 3 and it was really funny. Joan says that he puts his shoes on for her, and that he pretty much never whines around her, but the moment I arrived, he was whiny. *giggles* I'm just glad he's so well-behaved, pretty much all the time, with other people or with us.

I had to go back home to clean up the house for tonight's showing, and Jet was patient with the whole thing for a while. He *really* wanted to go swimming, so we went at 4, instead of 4:15, so I decided to look at Big Lots to see if they might have a big plastic tub for paper making and if they'd have any kind of price on blenders. Turns out that they were pretty cheap for the tubs. They also had toys EVERYWHERE, and Jet found a bunch of Easter eggs, and then he found a fishing set, with a magnetic fishing pole and fish with metal in their heads. *grin* He traded up. I cheerfully bought it for him, and he decided that he was going to fish in the water, when we went swimming.

The truck and cars, though, that he had in his backpack, were for the toy room. So he took them out, carefully, when he to got to kid care, and played with them there.

I was tired from the last couple of nights of no sleep. So I took it kind of easy for a while with the aerobics, but ended up on the rowing machine and going away on it, merrily. I really liked it.

Then we hit the pool, and instead of having to follow Jet everywhere, he sat down and started to fish. It took him quite a while to get the little, dangling lure to hit the fish, and then he figured out that the fish were floating with the metal bits down (heavier, no duh), and he then rolled the lure to the tip of the rod and pulled it upsidedown to get the fish! He figured all sorts of ways to play with his new toy in the pool.

He also ate a ton of goldfish in the showering room afterward. So it wasn't too surprising that all he wanted was chocolate milk at the restaurant. He refused bread, noodles, and even chocolate cake! Wow. But we gave him the chocolate milk and he nearly fell asleep on John's lap. He was so tired from his short nap, and, I think, from the same restless nights that were keeping us awake, too. So he fell asleep within minutes of getting in the car.

We'd eaten at Pinocchio's, and it was really good. I had the chicken ravioli with a creamy garlic sauce with bits of fresh tomato, mushrooms, and spinach leaf. It was better than any other Italian food I've had in Colorado, especially compared to the gluey noodles of yesterday. I really enjoyed them. John really enjoyed his spaghetti with meatballs, too. So I think we're going to go back there sometime, too. Cash only, sadly, but their food is so good it'll be worth it to plan ahead a little.

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