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Moving my cubicle to my new cubicle today. Whee!! Box after box... wow and just a locked cabinet to deal with.

A smaller version of the big HOUSE MOVING to be done on Monday of next week, but the packing is easier, since I'm just hand-carrying everything less than 50 yards from where I'm presently sitting. Contemplative even.

All the things in the air are coming down, landing even, in patterns more pleasing to the soul. Of course, while it's all falling, it feels like it's going faster and faster and faster... closed on the house yesterday, had my good-bye lunch with everyone yesterday, had the walk-thru the day before, have a guy doing an estimate for radon reduction in the old house tomorrow, and the oddest thing is that now that the new house is ours to walk into and unpack things into it's all much, much better.

I think the hardest part was just making sure we have a landing spot. Selling the old one is just doable, entirely under our control in some ways in that if this guy won't buy we can always find another, maybe in a few months or whatever; but if the folks selling the house we wanted suddenly decided, somehow, to withdraw from the deal, we'd have to start all over again and NOT have a house to live in past the end April... so now that our landing site is assured (and left in beautifully clean condition) something in me can finally breath and let go. I actually slept well last night, and Jet, for the first time in two weeks, only got up ONCE at 4 am instead of two, three, or even five times a night for nights without end.

George and Isabel arrive today. They'll be seeing us through a training session I have to go to for my new job, through the move, through the trip to Ashland for a weekend, and through a two-day offsite that both John and I have to go to which will be my formal introduction to my new job. I am so glad they'll be here. They may even help build a raised vegetable garden to put my already over-grown lettuce plants into. My stupid lettuce plants are already completely overflowing their pots, to the point where we're pretty much harvesting two people's worth of salad every other day just to keep them from blocking the sunlight from each other. Yeesh... spring.

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