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We are moved.

The big trucks came yesterday, with four rather normal-sized men who were all very affable and very experienced, and while three of them were about my size, they could lift more than I could even conceive of lifting. I am sore today. Aching. All over. When I sit for any length of time I refuse to get up out of my chair unless there's a good reason. My pedometer read 23,256 steps for yesterday, and I feel every one of them in my joints and muscles.

Pretty much 95% of the stuff is moved. John's garage stuff still needs some attention. The office still needs a little taking apart. But, on the whole, everything big, bulky, or just plain HEAVY got moved and taken to the new house. We had enough to eat some soup and bread someone brought for us, and we'd put enough beds together so that everyone could have a place to lay their weary bones. We were all so tired that we didn't even take the time for the hot tub.

Jet went to sleep at the normal time, and only got up twice, both times for good reason. And the first time he did it was from a stuffed nose, and he woke up screaming. I got him, and he asked to blow his nose, which was really neat for him to do, and he went right back to sleep. The second time I woke up just as he put his hand out to touch my foot. He'd gotten up soundlessly, and had come just as soundlessly into our room, and I picked up a very cold little boy. I guess he'd kicked off his blankets or something, but when I tucked him back in, and snuggled up with him to get him warm, he smiled and went right back to sleep, noiselessly.

The weekend was all packing stuff and ferrying things in the van on several trips, usually two or three a day, and Jet would nap after one or another of them. I am now so tired of boxes, packing paper, and moving things that I could just live out of boxes for a few weeks and leave the sorting of Stuff for another day. Still. We now have a huge box for Goodwill, and plenty of time to think through how we want to organize things in the new kitchen.

It was worth it. Even while I'm still aching, I can say it. Some of Jet's friends came to say hello yesterday, and he proudly showed them all around his new house. There is more space, and John and I went HOME for lunch today. I made it to a nine'o'clock meeting and even had time to prep after getting out of the house at 8:40. Yeesh. It's closer to so many things. George and Isabel are taking Jet to Flat Irons to ride the choo-choo, so all is good with the world.

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