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We're baaack

We're back from Oregon.

It was a good break after all the back-breaking work of moving. I slept a LOT (nice to have a house full of uncles, aunts, and grandparents to play with Jet while we collapsed), and still feel worn out a little. Jet had a blast after being a little uncertain about his sleeping bag bed in our room. He loved chasing his older cousin everywhere, and would, literally, run MILES to keep up with her. I will back-fill details as I can fish them off my Visor.

The new house doesn't exactly feel like home, yet, but it's sure convenient having the grocery store be a 2 minutes drive from the house, especially since, with five people and luggage we had to carry it all in our laps last night.

Didn't help that I finally had enough body/brain awareness to suddenly realize why I was having headaches all the time. My right eye is finally protesting the fact that it's over-corrected. I'm getting old enough that my nearsightedness is finally relaxing a little. So with my old prescription my right eye is now feeling significantly over-pressured by the high prescription of nearsightedness correction. So I'm getting off-focus headaches when I do too much near (i.e. computers, books, TVs, etc.) stuff. Far stuff works great. But near... ouch. The nice thing is that I still have my eyeglasses from 20 years ago, that are a step down (yes, my Coke-bottle bottom glasses), so I've been eschewing my contacts for them when computtering or reading. A very bad style change, but a very good vision change.

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