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Exploding Head

My head is exploding. Mostly with possibilities, goals, wishes, wants, and plans. Plans to do, plans to plan, plans to figure things out,and what's most amazing is that it's all doable,within reach, within my grasp. I just have to do it, deal with what doesn't fit and go go go. Hundreds of plans for the house, a few for Jet, and more than I can count or write down for work. It's astonishing how light I feel after the load of moving has lifted.

Bodies in motion. We've finally alighted on our perch and making it more home-like with every box we open and sort and re-organize. We now have three boxes of Stuff we're donating to people. The tax return came and charities, causes, and public services (like NPR) have been funded for our part.

I need to design some address labels for the family as it now stands. I guess Fezzik's return address label stamp can finally be retired. Let him rest in peace now. And then I need to write and call the magazines, bank, cc companies, etc. to tell them of our new location. Whew...

All suffering doth destroy, or is destroyed,
Even by the sufferer--and, in each event,
Ends:--Some, with hope replenished and rebuoyed,
Return to whence they came--with like intent,
And weave their web again; some, bowed and bent,
Wax gray and ghastly, withering ere their time,
And perish with the reed on which they leant;
Some seek devotion--toil--war--good or crime,
According as their souls were formed to sink or climb.


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