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A Normal Sunday

A good day, today, as we finally went back to our old schedule and routines, but with some significant perks and a few new commitments.

I slept in, as John had a rough night and couldn't sleep very well, so he just took the morning shift when it came around. When I pretty much had to get up in order to get to church on time, he and Jet woke me up, and I groggily showered, ate, and went to the car.

We got there, and found Shannon teaching the toddler class and immediately remembered that we didn't bring her pot back, which she'd given to us with soup in it for our move! Amazingly enough, I just drove back home to get it! This is something we could never have done with the old house, and it was really neat to be able to do it.

Jet was pretty tired just after Sunday school. He went with us to church, but bounced around in the pew. He did great for the passing of the peace, running around and smiling at people when they shook his hand. But then he bounced around, bored for a while, in the pew. He also didn't want to go by himself up to Children's chat, so I went up with him, and he cuddled up with me, in my lap, leaving it occasionally to see what was going on with the speaker, but other than that, pretty much content to be with me. He was really, really good at paying attention to the speaker, and really listened as the woman described cleaning up the ditches in a local park and reporting all the things folks threw away in there. Blech...

Earth Day is Thursday, so the whole service was devoted to good earth practices, which was really nice. Though we also had the new member cerimony as well, and had a good eight folks joining, including a gay couple who do lot of the gardening out front of the church. Turns out they just moved to a new house that had NO gardens at all, and the older of the two had a very mild goal of getting one flower bed and a few tomatoes into the yard. I related with that quite well, and told him about my seedlings and the sunburn they'd gotten a couple of days ago. We had fun talking about that until two other ladies came by to get introduced and to welcome folks in. That is one of those things I love about this church, they really make an effort to get to know you.

Jet, however, would have none of the rest of the service. When we tried Kids' Church, he paid attention for a little while, but then sprawled all over my lap, as he was so tired. So we went to the toddlers' room. He was mildly disappointed to find no kids there; but he and I sat and read books for the rest of the service and were quite content with each other.

I think, maybe, that Jet's a little insecure after the disappearence of George and Isabel and I think he missed us while we were working so hard. So I'm not too surprised that he wants more of us even in social situations. But he had a blast during snack time. Grace came to find him even before the service was done, and they had a blast playing with each other and chasing each other around and around in the snack area. That was great. The mild downside was that the lady doing snacks really didn't have many snacks that related to children. So Jet ate nearly nothing; but the juice was great and he drank down three glasses of that.

I was sure that Jet was going to go to sleep as soon as we strapped him into the van. John needed to get coffee. We needed mouse traps. I found mouse turds all over my flat bakeware, which lives under the oven, and I wanted those mice dead and gone. So we started towards Home Depot, when John remembered he'd forgotten something at the church. So we headed back, got that, went to the coffee shop right near there, and got his coffee, and then we headed to Home Depot. When we got there, Jet not only wasn't asleep, when John got out of the van, he demanded, "Get me out! I go with Daddy!!"


I called John on the celphone to tell him we were coming to join him; but he never answered. So I just took Jet and we went in and ran around trying to find John. Jet ended up riding on my shoulders as I can't move very quickly with him in my arms anymore, and we found John in the check-out line. Just outside the building was a hot dog vendor. When we asked Jet if he wanted a hot dog, he said, "Sure!" and so we bought him one. I had a cheese brat, and John had a spicy Polish sausage. Chips and dranks came with the combos. We took our booty to the van, put the table up and ate there. Jet ate half his hot dog, half my bag of potato chips, and drank heartily of the pop and immediately cheered up significantly.

Hungry toddler.

We drove home from there, but it was such a short drive, Jet wasn't asleep. He wanted me to drive him some more, so I dropped John off at the house. He was going right to sleep himself.

Jet and I had a mild adventure. We drove all around the neighborhood, with Jet talking and singing and banging his feet on his chair. Then we went out on Cover Basin and took that main road west. We just kept going west, past developements galore, past the elementary school, and ended up by a really super-posh developement with million dollar houses on acre lots. That's when Jet fell asleep. Hee. I was shocked to find, behind that new development, the Crimson and Clover house John and I looked at when we first came out there. That's when it seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. Now it's a bare half a mile from where we live. Wow.

With Jet asleep, I went home, put him into his room, and did a lot of computer stuff I've been wanting to do. Catch up a bit here, do some proofreading, and make the address labels. We should have them in a week. At 4, I went to wake Jet up, so that he wouldn't sleep too long, and then at 5, when Jet and I were in the midst of making oatmeal nut and raisin cookies, John woke up and came down. Yes. John slept four entire hours, and still felt like he could sleep during his regular schedule. That is an amazing thing. I'm glad that he finally got the chance to catch up.

Jet had a blast making cookies, mostly with mixing the dough and then eating whatever caught his eye. He ate a LOT of cookie dough along with the raisins and nuts he originally really wanted out of the bowl. I was pretty amazed.

We then went out to dinner. It's our celebration dinner. With the closing on Wednesday, we should be completely done with the old house, and having moved out the last of the stuff was the best thing ever. All three of us high-fived during our sushi dinner at Sakura's. The waitress was happy to see us back, and we ordered a HUGE amount of sushi. It all came, and Jet tried nearly everything. He wanted to co-opt one of my flying fish roe pieces for his rice, but I think he was playing instead of really wanting to eat it. He had some big pinches of the eggs to start and called them 'sprinkles'. Maybe I should have just given it to him. He was, eventually, okay with losing that piece and he nibbled some California roll and ate half a bowl of rice before any of it came and drank most of a big glass of milk as well. So he was doing pretty well.

He really liked the chocolate kiss he got at the end of the meal. Both John and I had ordered one of the 'meal' rolls. They're giant things that are pretty much meals unto themselves, and then we'd added a few pieces of other things as well. So we were both really bloated by the end of the meal. It was excellent stuff, though. Much sushi happiness. In the midst of the meal, Jet suddenly beamed and said, "Suchi! Suchi! Suchi!! Yum!"


Home again, home again. And we have Jet in pull-ups now. We finally stopped the cotton diaper service when we moved, and it's time. There was a time when Jet was really into using the potty, but with the recent stresses, he reverted quite thoroughly, which the doc says is normal. So we're now going to 'big boy pants!' "Not for pooping and peeing in..." but he doesn't seem to quite Get It, yet.

Maybe part of it would be promoting the fact that he can get Dad, Mom, Joan, and Wendy to DO something everytime he asks to go to the bathroom... or something about it all being his responsibility and he's in charge of things. I think that simply not having to get changed would be a big plus for him, as he fights that so hard, now. Plus we simply haven't had the energy to cope with any of it, yet, so now's a good time to start. Whee... another project that should make life better in the long run.

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