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We did a routine today, for the first time in three weeks, though it was also all new, given the new house location.

Instead of the two of us heading our separate ways to drop off Jet and both end up at work, we all loaded up into the Passat, and then John dropped me off at work before taking Jet to Joan's. Then John put the car in the parking lot. At lunch time we all went to lunch, but I drove the Passat, and then I took off from the Two Peppers to go get Jet from Joan's and take him home. Jet fell asleep on the longer drive home, and then I worked while he slept. At 4:15, we loaded up, went to get John and hit the Rec. Center. Toys, swimming, and then dinner at Souper! Salad! and then home. John put together a desk. I caught up a bit more on work. Jet painted until it was bedtime.

The driving to Erie is a little bit painful; but given that the two of us used to take two cars to Longmont and back each day, it's the same driving we used to do, just spread out a little differently. And since we're now doing it ALL in the Passat, we're doing it at 45 MPG instead of the 17 MPG of the van plus the diesel economy of the Passat. With the new gas prices, it's a big deal, especially with the whole truck lobby on our side, the price of diesel hasn't gone up nearly as badly as gasoline prices. That's been amazingly useful.

The drive itself was actually quite good for me. Peaceful countryside, no traffic, and plenty for me to think about on the way. I've got a bunch of jobs right now and I'm thinking a lot about them. My one report has asked about how to get promoted, and I'm trying to figure out how to determine what it's going to be and how to get there and what resources I have. I love John's analogy about management, it's like Hack. You have resources, you have certain statuses, you have a long-term goal, you have lots of little short-term goals, and you have to make decisions about what you're going to do, go, and develop in order to get to that long-term goal. The wonder of it all is that it doesn't make my head hurt, I am actually liking this exercise.

Then I retook the Meyers-Briggs, as the group's doing that to help figure out how to talk to each other better and how, better, to listen to folks that are different, and I turned out to be an INT*J*. Gasp. I've flipped one of my X bits again, and was very amused by the description for Masterminds. Do I get to be Moriarty, Mastermind of Criminal Endeavor now? Hee.

The interesting thing is that just reading that description was very fun for me. Just to see how it matches up to where I really want to go and be and do do do... I like that.

The whole routine of going to the Rec. Center seems to have really settled Jet down. He's been pretty squirrelly since George and Isabel left. He's been acting contrary and a little clingy and not sleeping all that well, but immediately after dinner, Jet was happy as a clam. When we got home, he quietly asked to paint, didn't fight any of the rules we'd always had for painting (one color at a time, wash the brush between colors, keep the paint on the paper), and had a blast making two really nice paintings which he, himself, titled. *grin* He the proceeded to do the bedtime routine without a fuss, no whining, and went right to sleep. Wow. I hope it reflects to a good night's sleep.

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