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Closing on the Old House

We closed on the old house today, after I had a morning that was a huge, vast information overload kind of day. Lots of introductions to lots of products, tools, and people. Getting involved in a discussion about what I'm supposed to be. Wouldn't it be neat if I were supposed to be some kind of dragon and we were talking about fire, claws, wings, and jaw power? Maybe it was something like that. What are my responsibilities/powers? What is my range of influence? It'll be bad the day there's a game system for business politics.

I also had a tremendous one on one with my boss. It was amazing. All about influence and encouragement and how do we? Rather than just "what did you do last week" and "what problem are you having with the things you've been doing..." It was about fear, uncertainty, frustration, and confusion being OK in the midst of change and opportunity. Talk about wow.

I went to get Jet at noon, when I got back to Longmont, I picked John up and we all went home to work and sleep. Jet napped while we finished getting the office together and started really working there. When Jet woke up, John was in a meeting, so I took Jet downstairs, got him some Jimmy Neutron, a fistful of trucks, and a plate of pepperoni and crackers with a glass of juice. He cheerfully ate, drank, and watched for the half hour until we had to run off to Boulder to do the signing of all the papers for the house.

The ride to Boulder was a bit tricky as we were running a little bit late and the weather was great. Great in the sense that we totally need the precipitation, but terrible in the sense that it was a pretty heavy rain and snow mix. We got there in one piece and with a minute to spare. We met Colleen out in the parking lot and she scooped Jet up and he let her carry him in. I was pretty impressed by that, but I think Jet likes Colleen because she really pays attention to HIM and talks directly to him and listens quite intently to what he says. That's a very good thing in his book. She cheerfully played with him while we went through the papers.

John managed to find $500 in all the paperwork that we got instantly credited with. It was also a very, very friendly closing, with everyone in one big room. They had a four-year-old daughter who cheerfully herded Jet around, and they played together pretty nicely after some negotiation on both their parts. Kids are great negotiators, they just keep asking until they get what they want. Colleen had some fun with Jet, too, and got asked by one of the closing ladies if he was hers. Hee. She was very amused. Lots of cheerful banter, lots of questions from the lady buying the house about the plants, the condition of certain things, etc. It was actually quite fun and good to be on good terms with them.

We parted with them getting ready to put new carpet into the house and having packed for the last week. I do not envy them the task before them. I did, however, wish them luck with it.

It was raining when we got out and we didn't want to face the Diagonal at 5 pm. So we went to the Asian market to re-stock Jet's favorite furikake, and then went to Abo's for pizza. The lady at the counter in the Asian market gave Jet a deep-fried mochi ball just because he looked at it. He's too cute, I think. He cheerfully held the ball and munched out the sesame seeds and rice dough on the way to dinner. He left it in the Kleenex box when we went in to dinner. While we were waiting for our food, he sat on my shoulders, leaned against my head, and watched, intently, the pizza making people behind the counter. He just quietly watched everything they were doing, and one of the girls told me that he was just taking everything in. He was leaning hard enough on my head that I was sure he was leaning forward to get a better look. When we did get our food, he ate a little of his pizza, but ended up stealing some of mine to really chow down on, though it was exactly the same, i.e. both were pepperoni slices. Kids.

I love the fact that their soda fountain can give just straight soda water. No calories and plenty of fizz.

Home through the rain and much less traffic than on the way out. Once home Jet took turns with John and I as John fixed the phone, did some painting with Jet, and played trucks with him. I made more chocolate sauce for Jet's milk and mixed and toasted granola and Jet helped with both procedures and was very careful of the hot, liquid sugar and cocoa while I was making the syrup. He still loves measuring and mixing the nuts and grains for granola and likes calling my brown sugar mixture "sticky mud" as I'm pouring it in to deal with it. It's been a good, productive evening. I called the number Bonnie gave me for a licensed daycare lady. I have a few other leads, too, from local folks that have talked with John or I about daycare or pre-school.

I feel much better doing things with a stable base under me, now, with the house.

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