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Chopped Up Day

I had an extremely chopped up day today. Most of that was due to a bunch of meetings that were happening, hop, skip, jump. I had an hour and a half long meeting in the morning, and John had a meeting immediately after that, so I hopped home, and he went in. Then Joan came to pick Jet up and I went into work while he was at Joan's. I had half an hour to do things, a meeting, and then I ran off to get Jet. When I got him home, I had another hour-long meeting, and then John got home and we debated going to the Rec. Center.

We still had to build Jet's bed, so we did that instead, and I made teriyaki chicken as we had a ton of left-over rice and plenty of frozen broccoli. So we had a quick, good dinner. Jet ate rice and sprinkles and a few bits of broccoli by accident. That was pretty cool.

John treated Jet's bed with water-proofing stuff (kinda like ScotchGuard) to start, and when that stuff was dry we built his bed and Jet was so excited! He jumped, bounced, and generally loved it.

When I had Jet right after my first meeting, I had served him lunch and decided that I wanted to wash the dishes. I heard, "Mom! Mom... can I do dishes, too?" My instant urge was, "No... you can't..." and I heard that in my head and stopped.

I pulled up a bar stool, gave him the soaping/washing job, and patiently taught him how to use a sponge, the brushes, and how soap helped get dirt out of the inside of pots, pans, and dishes. He gradually worked his way through everything, using the soapy water to slosh and slosh and slosh and occasionally remembering to try using the brush or sponge or cloth to actually rub the surfaces. When each item was mostly clean, I'd ask for it, surreptitiously get anything he missed, which was surprisingly little, and then rinse it in hot water and put it on the drying rack.

We got through a pretty huge pile of dishes this way. I did the last cookie sheet, which was bigger than him, anyway, and he was okay with me taking that over. But he did everything else, including pulling the drain plug. He watched, fascinated, while I ran the garbage disposal to get everything, and he helped run the sprayer around the sink. Hee. I thanked him for his help and he looked very content to have done a Job that big people do.

I was pretty happy with myself, too.

One of the emphasis things in the Positive Discipline book is that it's important to allow kids to do things, and to teach them how to do it well. Go through all the details, all the things that wouldn't be obvious to someone that's never done it before, and encourage, encourage, encourage... give them courage to do it. And I really liked that principle. It's just rare when it's so obvious that I really should do it and that I can take the time.

Jet asked John to let him do the dinner dishes, so John called him weird, but then set up the stool as well, and let Jet do the dishes, too. *grin* Yay! A good precedent, and it's cool to take advantage of Jet's enthusiasm for the time being.

A couple of the pre-school/daycares we're looking at now require that Jet be potty trained, so we're getting more into that, mostly just trying to figure out what's enough motivation to get him to just go to the potty with enthusiasm. He seems to have lost his interest in doing it and with flushing, and while he was pretty happy with getting "pants" (i.e. pull-ups) he's mostly treating them as if they were diapers. We're introducing M&Ms just to see if we can get some kind of habit going. Even if he goes just to get the candy, it's at least getting the idea that he can and should do it. That's good enough for me.

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