Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Pocket PC

So my husband, when he bought some big, hairy chunk of digital ordinance got a free Pocket PC with it. He tried using it for half a day and then left it plugged into Jet's machine for six months and never touched it again.

So, yesterday, he put it 'on sale' on the company email 'for sale' list. His price?

One limerick

And if there were multiple submissions, it would be the best according to his taste and if someone gave him multiple, then it would be the 'last' one they gave him.

He got flooded! It's so cool. Especially when he read them all to me to help with his figuring out what he thought was best. I'll admit we probably laughed hardest at the ones where it was obvious someone just figured out what a limerick was and did their best to shove words into it.

What really floored me was that this morning, in relatively little time, Rosty wrote an answer to everyone on the list that was *all* in limericks! It included the winning one and all the ones that were originals. Turned out that the non-originals were far, far dirtier than the originals, so the originals were work-safe. But what fun!

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