Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Quiet Weekend

We had a really quiet weekend, and it was really, really good that it was pretty much quiet. We really needed it and I think it really helped Jet establish the fact that this is now his new house. It also helped me, immensely, with discovering more and more about how nice and convenient it is to live right in the city.

Saturday morning we did a little adventure in organization by going to the Flat Irons Mall and going to the organization store. They have a ton of stuff for helping with the storage problems we're finding in the kitchen, and it was wonderful to walk in and find, ready-made, the things that we needed to fit the ten thousand things we have piled on top of each other in our cupboards. Yay for adequate equipment!!

Though it was something of a chore to haul a bookcase, a bunch of shelves, and all that back to the "Tatoo Choo-choo". Especially since Jet wanted a ride, too. John managed to get Jet on his shoulders, and Jet hung on for dear life as we ran for the shuttle. Jet now calls the shuttle "the Tatoo Choo-choo" because every time he goes on it he gets more temporary tatoos that depict that little, green train-like object. He has a STACK of those tatoos and, recently, has been asking to have them put on not only his hands, but both his feet as well.

We got home in time to meet up with Marion. She was visiting John to ask him about some stuff and I went out and took them a plate of cheese and crackers as John hadn't had lunch yet.

After the visit, we worked at various things around the house, incorporating all the new things we'd bought. My cookbooks finally have a home, now that we built the nice, little pine book shelves. Simple, cheap, and quick to put up, they're quite nicely housed, now. Whew. I also managed to find places for all the wraps, bags, and foil in a nice rack made just to house those kinds of boxes. I repotted some plants that were too small for their pots and found a run-away infestation of aphids on my basil, some of the smaller seedlings, and on, of all things, my African Violets!

So I sprayed them all with rubbing alcohol. I learned that from my Mom, and I think it should work just fine. Quick, easy, cheap, and rinses right off the edibles. I also chopped the basil back severely. I may have to just plant more. It's been two years since I planted these, so it might be about time, anyway...

Dinner was a beer-can chicken on the grill with plenty of cornbread and nicely cooked green beans. John and Jet were so happily occupied outside, that I could just slip out and buy some groceries and get back so fast Jet hardly missed me. Yay for a grocery store a couple of minutes away!

Sunday morning, I went in at 8 and Made Coffee. Lots of it, too. Turns out that someone else is actually buying the stuff, so my only chore is making it. It saddens me, mildly, that all the coffee they've bought is pre-ground AND in the freezer. *sigh* Talk about bad smells quick... but I'll just work with what's there and figure out what is the best thing for me to improve to improve everyone's life and coffee experience. *grin*

Took me longer than I thought, so when I got home, I threw batter into the waffle-maker, wrestled Jet upstairs to get him into clothing while John showered, and when I came down, the waffles went into a baking pan with syrup and I ate them in the car while we drove back to get Jet to his Sunday school class. I finished the rest of the coffee setup and then enjoyed a brief respite.

Unlike last week, Jet went eagerly to the kids' room, and stayed there even after Sunday School. He had a bigger boy looking after him in the toddler room and actually listened to him when they went up front for the Kids' Message. Jet actually listened and Sat Down, when Macy got up and started jumping up and down the stairs during the message. I was pretty impressed. He stayed with the toddlers in the play room. John got him from the room and to snack while I finished up one extra pot of something that had already run out before I got there.

So that was kind of intense. I hadn't quite thought that making the coffee would take that much time. Though some of the effort had to do with my learning the system and all that. Still...

The youth group was having a silent auction. We had a babysitting item locked up, and at the last minute, John just stood there to make sure no one outbid us. Whew. John also bought me a bagel book from Los Bagels, which is a small bakery in Northern California that does some interesting mixes of Jewish and Mexican cuisines. Yum.

We also went to Vitamin Cottage, a local organics' store, that was really fun. I also found a treasure trove of Flafel King goods. They'd made a bunch of stuff ready to be eaten right there in the refrigerated section. Yay! I loved what I'd eaten of their food on Pearl Street, so I thought it would be fun and good to get their stuff now.

Home again, home again, and I took a nap. A short one, but a necessary one.

The afternoon was spent with various visitors. Macy came over to play with Jet. On the way over, she told her dad, "NO LEAVE ME." in no uncertain terms. But after two minutes there, she went up to her dad and said, "Bye-bye. I play here." So Peter went back to his house to deal with some stuff, and Macy played with us until 5:30. I made flafel dinner, we ate, and at 7 Pastor Anne came by to just sit and visit with us and talk with us. Anne's another nice lady who really spoke to Jet directly instead of talking around him, and I was very impressed with that.

We had tea at the end of the evening, and I had fun serving Anne's in the glass teapot, so she could see the pale green liquor and the delicate structure of the leaves unfurling. Mmm... Jet has 'orange tea' (rooiboos with orange peel and cinnamon), John had "tiger tea" (Bengal Spice), and I had a second pot from my pu-erh leaves, and I was mildly buzzing for the rest of the night.

It didn't help that either the hummus or the flafel or the sheer amount of garlic made my digestive system VERY distressed with me. Bleh.

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