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Puzzle pieces

Cooler, today, so they're busy as ants, and I think they're actually going to finish Rosty's garage today. Rosty and this dad worked on the wiring all weekend, and we pretty much stayed home and let them work.

Jet's going full-steam backwards. I'm impressed, and he's frustrated about not being able to crawl forwards, yet. He's working on it like crazy, and blowing raspberries all the time. It's a mildly crazy combination.

I'm tired. Jet seems to be going through another growth spurt and was up three times last night. He is, however, also burning at learning stuff about how his body works, and is having fun having someone help him stand up. His legs are definitely strong enough, it's just his sense of balance. Like when he was sitting up, I guess all he has to do is practice, which means holding him a little while he stands.

I got off the ibuprofen on Friday, after the two week course of it, and my wrist is doing better than before I started, but worse than when I was on the medication. It's looking like it's just going to be a long, slow recovery, especially since I'm doing things with the injured part.

I was brave and got an appointment for my toric lens for my left eye today. My left eye has been significantly worse than my right with astigmatism, but I was mostly ignoring it because I could see, somewhat. Now I get to see from both, maybe. We'll see.
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