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Just spent WAAAAAY too much time proofreading for the Distributed Proofreaders tonight. It was fun, though, and I really needed the time, alone, to just go at it. NOT that I was in any shape to do so, though, as I'd had a rough night last night, too. Still, it was the end of the month push to hit the monthly goal and I thought I'd help out. Ended up with a good 3300 pages (the whole site, not just me) done, which was pretty awesome for less than eight hours. Didn't hit the exact goal, but did get a significant amount done in that time with a whole lot of people.

That was pretty awesome. It's odd to know that I'm working with people in England, India, and Australia all at the same time...

Work was okay. I was sleepy, but I got a good dose of caffiene and it helped, kind of.

Jet did great at Joan's. He's still got his head cold, but he seems to be doing okay with it. Just lots of sneezing and plugged up nose, a little bit of fever, but that is all. He seems pretty cheerful in spite of it.

It rained and snowed for most of the day, which felt wonderful. Cold and wet as anything, and beautiful out with a thin layer of snow on top of everything. I think it snowed more and stuck this week than it did last week. What's really funny is that the weather channel's predicting high-70's nigh onto 80 for next week!! Wow. Talk about extreme weather.

It was fun to cook at home, and just make random stuff and eat it. *grin* It's funny how that works now that this place is home.

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