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Shelves and Stars

Jet has been sleeping in all week. Not only has he been sleeping in, but he's been sleeping at night, too, not getting up until it's nearly light!! Both John and I have been doing tremendously better with our sleep amounts, on the most part. Of course I thought I kind of blew it last night, but when Jet got up at 5 this morning, when I got up to take care of him, he went right back to bed and we slept on his bed until 8!!

Wow. I don't know if I should blame it on the bed, the new room, the cold, or the fact that he's finally accepted his new house? Or if it's just Jet growing up? I don't know. I don't think I care. I'll just thank God that Jet's actually sleeping at night and leave it at that.

At 8, Jet and I got dressed, "quiet as mouses" as Jet put it, and we got in the car and drove a bare seven minutes and hit the Longmont Daylight Donuts! Woohoo! Apple fritters for John and I, a handful of donut holes for Jet because he asked for them, and because I wanted to get it, a blueberry cake donut as well. Jet got his own bag for the holes, and he ate them steadily out of the bag as we headed home. Just as we were pulling into our street, he reached in, looked puzzled and then peered into his bag. "All gone," he said, forlornly.

So he got the blueberry donut as well, and he ate it right up. I think Jet's feeling better. It's good to see his appetite back.


John was up and had already made coffee when we got back. So we all had our coffee and donuts, though Jet really had chocolate milk. Yum.

Then we headed south for our Adventure of the day. I was trashed enough from last night that I made sure I had my buckwheat neck pillow in the car and I napped as we headed for the Oak Express. The last room to not get unpacked has been the library and the last of the china cabinet knick-knacks. So John wanted to deal with the paperback shelves as soon as possible, so we could unload that mountain of books in our spare time instead of just being stymied.

Oak Express was having a spring clearance, so we went and we bought and bought and bought... two seven foot book cases, a curio case with a glass back and windows which Jet loved, and we thought about rocking video chairs and a bench, but they didn't have either in stock. We'll just have to check them out later. We loaded the two bookshelves into the Van, and then tucked Jet in. He was happy as a clam in his little tunnel. And since we were in Denver we went to the Empress!

Yay! Dim sum! Jet ate half a package of sticky rice. John and I had a lot of food, and we paid $16 for the whole thing!! I'd even 'splurged' on pu-erh tea at .40 a person!! *grin* I was pretty surprised, but quite happy with the whole deal. Now stuffed, we went home, and Jet fell asleep. I napped with him, and when he woke up, Jet and I went back to the store and got the curio case we'd bought. It was a good forty minutes there and forty back, but Jet and I both got out when we waited for the case. And he warned me about the truck that was backing up towards us. He got out of the way first! Smart kid. Oblivious Mom. *grin*

A lady there took his hand when I helped the guy load it onto the van, and he took it readily enough. She helped him out, and that was a good thing. Strangers can help, and I think Jet's learned that to the right degree. He is very wary of certain kinds of strangers who do certain kinds of things; but if a stranger really is helpful, he's willing to let them help, and I think that's a great thing.

He sang quietly to himself on the way back, drank his grapefruit soda and ate fruit snacks. He's still mildly sick, and I think that the mildly enforced rest of the car seat wasn't a bad thing for him. He was plenty warm and seemed pretty comfortable, and I was glad he got all that rest before the evening. On the way back to the car, with John, he fell and skinned his knee. John got him a band-aid and on the way to church Jet told us the following story:

"There was a crocodile and he eat me. I get band-aid and cream. I eat him! Yum. 'Cause I have a Band-aid, the crocodiles don't eat me. Taste bad."

"What tastes bad?"

"The Band-aid! Band-aids yucky to Crocodiles. They don't eat me!"

I'll have to admit the concept of a world where the worst hurt can be healed with a Band-aid and cream is a pretty cool place.

The church was having a big party. The beginning to a stewardship drive to raise several million dollars to pay for renovations to the church building. It was a very cool party, all the rooms were covered with stars of all colors. It was catered, with a nice video of the church people, what we do and believe, and then ending with a magic show from a magician who was very self-effacing, but also very, very good at what he does. He did a lot of very nice tricks that were really fun to see. I have to admit that I loved the kids' reactions to him the best, though. They'd even cheer when he accidently let loose a balloon he'd blown up. *giggles* Now that's magic.

The theme was "We are the magic." and it was very nice.

The kids started with a pizza dinner, some games, and then ice cream sundaes and when I checked on Jet he was having a blast! And given how much he'd eaten during the day I wasn't worried about him even eating a bite of dinner or dessert. So he did good.

After the magic show, the magician stayed around doing balloon animals for everyone. The kids were supposed to have tickets to give him for the animal; but Jet not only didn't have a ticket, he didn't seem to know what a ticket was. So I went back to the kids' dinner room and found a ticket, gently placed on the corner Jet had been sitting at. So I picked that up and took it to him. He was very, very pleased. And he asked for a plane, which he promptly got on the end of a 'stick' balloon and he ran around and around and around and up and down the hallways with it, a mile a minute, going "varooooom!!!" Yay!

I am still astonished by how much he ran with that thing. Of course, the moment he got it home, he popped it because he "had to". *grin*

I learned from last night and went to bed right when he did. Whew. Tiring day.

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