Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


I can feel my brain struggling.

For nearly the last decade I've been using the disposable lenses, and when I first moved to them, I chucked the astigmatism part of the correction because disposables didn't have good toric lenses (i.e. lenses that were a bit heavier on the bottom so they'd stay aligned correctly to correct the angle based problems of astigmatism). So I've just lived with the fact that my left eye was significantly worse than my right eye. About... uhm... five years ago, I had them up the prescription to the left eye, and it actually just got kind of worse... which my doc in Boulder figured out the instant she saw my eye.

So we went to lower power lenses again, clearing that mistake out and just recently she said that there were toric disposables out. They're a bit more than twice the price, so I went without the first six months of this year, figuring that I'd be okay. I have really started noticing, however, the difference between the sight in my eyes. So, since I was running out of lenses, and my pre-tax medical account (which I won't be reimbursed for) has a few hundred dollars to burn, I called today to ask what I'd have to do to try the new toric lenses.

They got me in for an appointment at 1:15, and in fifteen minutes, I had a new pair of lenses on that were making my brain go, "Woah!"

Because my brain's lived with the fact that my left hasn't been as good as my right, my normally dominant right eye got really, really dominant. Now I feel a bit like I grew another foot of sight on my left side, and it's taking a bit of getting used to. It was especially fun driving home in intense traffic. It took me a damned half an hour to get out of Boulder, alone, and it was really weird getting all this new data. My. This is pretty cool.

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