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Day One of Management Class

Whew. Got through my first day of management training class, which isn't as boring or as terrible as it might sound. It was a solid, good grounding in the things that I need to know in order to manage here. And I really like the fact that every manager is required to take this class. It's going to be three days, all together, but I've survived day one, quite handily, and learned a huge amount of information from it, which, I guess, is the whole point. I think the best part about the class is that I learned a lot from the other managers as well. I may well be able to go to them, afterwards, to talk about some of the things we learned, and that might be the most helpful thing for the long-term.

When I got home, I changed Jet, and we played a little and then he helped me with making dinner. He put spaghetti in the boiling water, and ran around with me while I got asparagus roasting, beef slices marinating, and onions sliced. I flash cooked the beef and onions together, and then tossed them with the spaghetti with some spices, and then I pulled out the block of bleu cheese, and started forking it to get crumbs on the spaghetti.

"I want that." Jet said, reaching out.
"Just a minute." I said, and finished what I wanted to do, and then I handed him the cheese and the fork.

Jet took the fork, dug out a huge glob of bleu cheese, and promptly ate it.

Surprised the heck out of me. Especially when he made terrible faces and then stuck the fork in and ate more bleu cheese.

He ate quite a lot of it and called it, "Butter." But I have to say he certainly reacted to the 'unique' taste of the stuff as well. Whew. Then, for dinner, he had toast with blueberry jam and more 'butter'... John later ate the last of that with the bleu cheese on the fruit spread and declared it quite good. I guess Stilton and fruit are a classical combination.

Still... Jet ate plain spaghetti and a plain piece of toast for the rest of his dinner. Then we folded laundry and when I took it up, Jet decided to help "fast roll!" the towels. And when I objected to how he was doing it, he grinned at me and said, "It's a boy thing!" and zoomed through the towels again. Then he refused to let me put the last towel into the closet. I lay on the floor and he leaned against the closet door and we discussed why I wanted to put the towel into the closet and why he felt I had to put it into the walk-in closet, not the towel closet. We did it for nearly an hour, I think... whew.

It ended when I decided to just stop arguing, which, of course, made the whole thing lose interest for Jet, so he went off to explore something else. Though he admonished me, at the last moment, to NOT put the towel in the towel closet, he didn't notice when I did.

We had watermelon for dessert, and cookies. It was good. Jet had a big poopy after that, so I took him upstairs to use the potty but it was already way too late. So I just changed him and put him in his pajamas. That triggered him wanting his teeth brushed, so John did that. Then he went to sleep as he had a bad night last night. I stayed up with Jet until he went to sleep, which wasn't too much longer after that, and I had a little alone time to just watch the TV. Bliss.

I needed the time to recharge. Oh, the joys of being an introvert.

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