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Mother's Day

Jet had a little trouble pronouncing "Mother's Day" today... when he was wishing a mother at church a happy one. He piped up, "Happy Birthday!" and when corrected, he shrugged and then grinned and said, "Happy Monster's Day!" Hee.

I woke up late today, as I'd stayed up late last night, sorting all my SF&F paperbacks into the new shelves we have for them. Two bookshelves, with eight four foot shelves each, and I still don't really have enough room, but I worked at it pretty hard, and got 'rid' of a whole boxful that I really won't ever read again. Mostly Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce, the latter of which I bought mostly to see what my teenage niece was reading. There's a few trashy romances that I really didn't get anything from and should just recycle again. Also finally admitted to myself that I wasn't going to read some of my score of Tanith Lee books along with the Summer and Winter Queen books by Joan Vinge. I loved Ladyhawke, but there isn't that gripping conflict/emotion of that book in the others.

I did eye my Dunnett and Sayers and left them as they were. The Dunnett's such dense going, and I do love Lord Peter, but was I ever going through them again??

I left them. Better than going out and buying them again. At least I now have a pretty visible arraingement of what I have. Jet eyed the shelves, "We have a wide-berry!"


I was up until 1 alphabetizing and peering and sorting out the 'new' books I haven't read yet onto a different bookshelf, so I could fit everything that was left. So I was asleep until late this morning, and the last thing John said was that I should just sleep in all I wanted and drive myself to church. He'd get Jet there for Sunday school. So I did. When I did get up, the kitchen smelled of cinnamon and apples. John had made oatmeal apple scones! Buttery and crisp and still warm. There was also a paper roll with a cardboard card on it!

I unrolled it and it was a silk scarf printed with blue, green, and yellow blotches, all different! Randomly stamped all over the sheer material were patches of bright color. And the cardboard card was scribbled all over, and inside was "Happy Mother's Day, Jet". Hee. So it was a scarf that Jet had made in preschool! It was so beautiful, it amazed me. I used it to tie back my hair, which is now barely long enough to do so, but it was long enough! Wow. There was also a card with a picture of John and Jet, standing on the counter, both looking in a blender. The caption read, "What would Mama do?" *giggles* And the innards wished me a very Happy Mother's day as well. Yay!

I needed coffee to go with the scone, and went to Cafe Luna, and there was a half an hour line out the door!! But I braved it as I really wanted an iced mocha, and I got it.

It's so hot today. 96 was the high, and even by the time I got to church it was really warm, so the iced drink was a Godsend. I drank it and ate, and then went in, and left the last of it with my sunglasses on a coat shelf. Sometimes I think that folks here are a little like the folks in Lake Woebegon. They have no clue what to make of someone wearing their sunglasses on their head. Hee. So I like to just leave it with my coat or something else so that I don't forget them on the way out.

Then I went in during the Passing of the Peace, and saw Jet running around shaking as many hands as he could get at. Hee. He loves that part of the service, and is always mildly disappointed when a big person doesn't even bother to look down or shake his hand, and always wildly joyful when someone does. He loves John Parsons, who always makes a point, if he's nearby, to really pay attention to Jet and really look him in the eye and shake his hand. *grin* I love that.

It was a nice service. The kids gave all the women, mothers or not, flowers. I'll have to remember to plant mine soon, this time. Sometimes I think that giving live plants is a little bit like giving pets, mildly irresponsible (okay, a plant dying isn't nearly as guilt-causing as an animal dying, but... damnit, for me it's close enough) of the giver. Ah well.

Then, in the midst of a hymn, a woman fell down. There was a doctor in the same pew, he looked her over, called 911, and am ambulance was there within two hymns. We didn't really know what to do, so we just sang hymns she asked for, and that seemed to comfort her well enough until the paramedics came. Wow. The sermon was good after that, even so, and the kids were wild to get out and play in the sunshine.

Someone had brought a huge bag of rhubarb with a recipe for pie and a sign that said, "Help Yourself." So I did, to eight good-sized stalks, and put them away in the car while I got the last of my drink and my sunglasses, so that I could chase Jet around in the sunshine. He played and played and played after eating a whole plateful of snacks, including crackers, cheese, and the icing off a cupcake. But he and Tanner and Macy had such a great time, Jet was tired out by the time we headed for the car.

When we got home, Jet was fast asleep. So John and I got to do whatever we wanted. Since the library is now cleared of boxes, we moved the couch to the window to get some good sunlight, and I just sat there and read and read and read. Wow. I so needed that.

When Jet did get up at 3:30, I fed him chocolate milk, and played with him for a while. Then we figured out that I really wanted to go to Outback for 'dinner'. None of us had had lunch yet. We also had to get invitations to a young kid family 'party' at our house next week. So I went up and designed something simple, added a map to our house, and some directions. John'll send them out tomorrow, and we'll see who can show up. Not all the families we'll invite can show up, but it's good to at least ask. With most of that job under my belt, we went out to dinner.

The Outback was just PACKED with people. There was already a family outside on the sidewalk, but it took less than ten minutes to get us a table. It took longer to drag Jet away from the beads on the wire table. But eventually he came, drew, and ate half a loaf of their bread. John and I had the chopped bleu cheese salad and I loved it. I may well have JUST that next time or when the Outback in Longmont appears. There's a sign less than a mile from the house saying that one is coming soon, and the construction equipement is already at work! Yay! The salad was just wonderful!

The lamb was great, too, along with the garlic mashed, and, as is my wont, I finished half of it and packed the other half for another day. Yum. Jet, of course, touched none of his fries or chicken, concentrating on the bread and butter. John cleaned up happily, and then we went home.

I was planning on a rhubarb pie for a dessert for John's group tomorrow. But I didn't like the recipe in one magazine, so I went back to The Best Recipe, and then headed to King Soopers to get the stuff I needed today and tomorrow for strawberry rhubarb pie. I like the combination better than the singular stuff. I also took advantage of a few specials, but avoided things that wouldn't need soon. I also bought a second Pyrex pie pan, as I really did need that, as John had broken one a while back, and if I was going to have a pie in one, I may as well have another for other jobs.

I was also supposed to go to Cold Stone to get ice cream for the boys, myself, and dessert tomorrow; but when I got there, the line was out the door, and after having that experience at Luna's, I really didn't want to do that again, so I went home. I didn't want to just stand in a line, alone, again. When I said that John gave me a big hug, and, to my surprise, Jet came up to me, said, "Happy Mother's Day! I wuv, you, Mama! You da best!" and then proceeded to hug and kiss me!!

Woah! How cool!

I then hulled strawberries, Jet and John did the dishes, and then John served up ice cream to go with the strawberries and we watched the last of the first Harry Potter movie. They're getting everything going for the next movie, so the TV stations are showing the first movie. They were at the very end, and we asked Jet, "Is that too scary?" And when he didn't answer, we swapped the channel. Jet objected, "I WANT too scary!! Go back!" So we went back, but I picked him up and put him in my lap and we talked about what was happening in the movie. He liked the ending with the 'yummy looking candy' and relaxed significantly.


Then he said, "I want go out to hot tub!" So we went out to hot tub. Mmmmm... what a great way to end the day. John got a few more names from the lady that had thrown the last kid-parent party, so I'm printing out a few more invitations. It should be a fun way to really use this new house.

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