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I stayed home with Jet this morning, and let John have a Thursday morning at work. He's been taking care of Jet on Thursday mornings for the last two weeks, and I thought it was time to give John the time at work on that morning. It helped that the meeting that I had to go to was with John in it, and that I didn't have anything that I had to present. I will have to present something next week.

Also, John is going to be in San Jose Sunday evening through Wednesday night, so we'll rebalance again. It helped that John had Jet for the three days I had training, immensely. It's an odd thing, as we try more and different things now that Jet's more capable and bigger than he's ever been before. I don't know, however, if some of these things aren't making Jet a little less secure than before, too. I don't know.

I do know, however, that i haven't worked this hard or this well for a very long time. I'm really enjoying my work and really enjoying figuring out what it is that I need to do and how I will be working myself into the way people are doing things now.

I am amazed what a huge difference simply changing my environment has made in my effectiveness.

It's heady.

So I've been working a bit more than I should be. Enough that I've been kind of skimpy here. I am not sure if I don't like it or not, but I guess the reality is that I'll likely be updating more infrequently.

Monday was work and then John had a church gathering for two other people. He needed dessert, so I actually tackled making a strawberry rhubarb pie, and it turned out wonderfully. I used The Best Recipe's summer fruit pie recipe for strawberry rhubarb, and it turned out far, far better than I thought it would. Jet helped me with the rolling of the crust and with the pouring of the filling into the crust. He watched just as eagerly as I did, but, that evening, when I served the pie, he turned his nose up at it and just ate a bowlful of vanilla ice cream with a bit of chocolate sauce. John and his folks loved the pie, still warm when they got to it at about 8. It was tart, sweet, and the crust was flaky and tender and really good. It surprised me how little water it really took, and how much the fat melting a little made the dough hold just barely together. NOW I really know why some many people have real trouble with real pie dough. If it's fat enough to taste really, really good, it's fat enough to be really hard to work.

Tuesday I worked all day, and came home and made dinner while John caught up. Jet hadn't napped for very long, and John was a little frazzled.

Wendesday John worked all day, and it rained all day. I was worried about the rain when I went to pick Jet up from pre-school, but they were warm and dry indoors, and Jet was peering out the window to see me when I drove up. I don't really know if I was late, but Katie had already gone home because she was sick. We went home, Jet fell deeply asleep, and I worked a bunch more. When he woke up, I defrosted some pound cake, whipped some cream, and cut the rest of the strawberries because Brenda and, possibly, her children, were coming to see Jet in his house. I had promised dessert, and we had half a pie left. If both teenagers had shown up, I knew it wouldn't be enough. So I had both the pie and the pound cake with strawberries and cream. Jet was so excited about the strawberries and cream, he ate his rice double-quick. But he was SO excited by Brenda and her daughter (her son was *still* asleep from a nap) that he refused to eat his cake and cream, at all! Instead, he showed them all his toys, played with them, talked with them, and only took part of the conversation time with them, instead of trying to hog all the limelight. He did great.

When they left we hot tubbed, and relaxed together. THAT was really nice.

Today, we finally went to the Rec. Center, and I had to talk with John about Wendy asking about how the potty training was going at home. So we came up with a rather extensive battle plan. Then we went to China Buffet, which was just packed. There were even three or four Chinese families there! So I guess the food is actually okay, on the most part. Jet ate, we ate, and then we hit Wal-Mart and bought stamps, a stamp pad, and some underwear for Jet. He was really tired by the time we got there, so I carried him around the store. I was already sore from working out, but I think it went okay.

But it was good to get in a workout, though I kind of wished that I had been able to do more. Still, I've already had four 10,000 step days, so I don't feel too badly with regards to physical exertion.

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