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Another long work day today. John was content with letting me work all day, as he'd had his time earlier this week.

I got tons done, and then got the Meaning Of Life, along with a real-life conflict to resolve with it. That will be interesting.

Then I walked home with half a flat of organic strawberries. hee. Someone at work was selling the strawberries to fun their daughter's Waldorf school, and I bought the half flat after we'd devoured five pints in two days. Easy enough decision. We've eaten a whole pint before dinner. I imagine we'll get more after... and there's enough pale ones to make another strawberry-rhubarb pie with a leaner crust a real possibility.

John and Jet greeted me, and we went to King Soopers to get hot dog buns. Simple dinner of hot dogs, beans, macaroni and cheese (mmm... smoked cheddar mac and cheese), and pops. Jet ate most of a hot dog. Jet got to run around in his new Scoobie-Doo underwear, until he went in them, and while the taking away was mildly traumatic, he understands, now that there are consequences. Which may or may not help in the longer run. We'll try again tomorrow...

We've also decided that Jet gets a stamp every time he actually uses the potty, and when he has ten stamps, he gets to pick a train car to add to his train collection. This has definitely generated interest and motivation. He's asked to use the potty more often, today, than he has all week.

But there's a busy weekend in the works.

Sometimes I wonder if having such a full life is good for Jet. Then, again, he seems pretty happy. There are several routines in his life that he can count on, regularly, and that seems to settle his world for him. Going to the Rec. Center last night, and following through with toys, swimming, and then dinner seemed to settle him down and he ate more, last night and tonight, than he has for a while. So that's very keen.

Well. I guess we have to strike some kind of balance between boredom and chaos... hee.

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