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"Don't--Stop Driving!!"

The one thing I really had to do this weekend was return the box of contacts that I owed Envision in Boulder. Other than that I had nothing in mind, really, other than having some time to myself before John went off to San Jose.

Since the contact lens place was in Boulder and Jet had Haley's birthday party to go to at 1, we had to get him to nap by 11. So the easiest thing would be to have some breakfast in Boulder, do a little something there and then come back home around 11. So we figured we'd try and find breakfast somewhere along north Broadway (as Envision was pretty much on Broadway), and then go and get a few things at Target before heading home. John got off the Diagonal around Jay and we meandered our way west by all kinds of streets we'd never seen before. Then, suddenly, we popped out on Quail and Broadway, where the China Gourmet is! I suddenly remembered a little coffee shop in the back of the plaza, and we stopped there for our breakfast.

It was mildly intimidating as it was filled with Boulder people, casually super-fit and not one of them had a child there that was any younger than a teenager. It was a bit daunting. Especially when the first thing Jet did was spill a whole glass of ice water into my lap. The waitresses were fast, though, got me dry towels and the water was cleaned up pretty quickly, and when I asked Jet, "Did you see what happened?" He said, soberly, "Yes." and he didn't use his kid's menu to push at any glasses again. I'm so glad he learns quickly...

Jet actually ate quite a lot for breakfast. A whole piece of bacon, about a quarter of a dinner plate sized pancake, half a slice of my sourdough bread toast, and a whole glass of orange juice. John was mildly disappointed in soggy hash browns while my corned beef hash was beautifully browned and crisp as anything on the outside and soft and savory on the inside. The eggs were perfectly done, for me, and the toast was exactly right, with just enough butter for flavor, but not soggy with the stuff. Yay! It also helped that the waitress and manager were prompt with the coffee and didn't even blink and eye at the fact that Jet drank all the little half and half containers that I hadn't used in my coffee. Hee.

From there, Jet and John took a long walk among the stairs and slopes and ramps around that little mall. Jet needed to run around a bit, so he did, with gusto. He did a lot of stairs, but then got a splinter in his hand, which he then held to the warmth of the black handle in the Passat and said, "Wait a minute. Want to kill my owie." So we waited a while before loading him up and going to my contacts place. John found a metered spot while I ran in and found the lady that was there last week. She was very grateful to know what was going on, and that I'd actually brought the box in, and was very careful to remove the note that said that I still owed them the box. It was much, much eaiser with her there as she knew all the background.

From there we all went to Target. Jet cheerfully sat in the shopping cart and was very excited about all the Haley gifts, card, and wrapping paper we were buying. We also bought him a little, plastic step stool to use downstairs. He can probably use it to use the toilet and wash his hands. We have one for his upstairs bathroom, but it's kind of hard for us to be asking him to hold it all the way up the stairs. So having the equipment downstairs as well is a good thing. He proudly sat on the stool in the cart the whole way through checkout and out to the car.

That was cool.

Jet napped on the way home, as planned. I went to bed immediately, as well. I'd been up with Jet from 3-4 and then was up again at 6 with him, as I just couldn't sleep all that well. Mental antacid was what I needed. The meal and doing a little shopping seemed to help and I dropped off pretty quickly. When it was time to leave for Jet's party I was so dead to the world that the boys just left me. John said that he'd be back to pick me up, and so he did, an hour later. Whew. I felt far more human after that.

We headed to Erie, to see the town fair, and wandered about it and pretty much avoided most things. There wasn't that much I'd want to buy. Lots of home businesses, religious organizations, and folks trying to get more business. A few fair food stands, but my stomach was still full from breakfast. I did get to see CeLena, but she'd already packed up her chair and just wasn't in the mood to work. So we moved on, went to Joan's and picked up a very, very happy Jet, who was being cheered, mightily, for having used the toilet. *grin* Yay, Jet!

We gathered him up after he and Haley showed us all of Haley's new toys. They also explained how Haley-Dora, Jet-Boots, and Dante-Benny the Bull had an adventure with 'sticky-tape' (actually plastic Slinkies) fixing all kinds of things they needed. I was impressed that Jet got to be Boots. He told us all about it as we started to drive away.

It was nearly 3:30 by this time and Joan had been speaking of going to the Town Fair for dinner. So we thought a little bit about dinner, and turned the car around and went to Pho 79. It was a bit of a trip, but WELL worth it when Jet ate a tremendous amount of noodles, soup, and tapioca balls from my pearl tea. I guess the balls gave him incentive and after we stuck to our guns and established the rule, "One ball for one BIG bit of noodles (usually several mouthfuls for Jet)", Jet really ate. He argued about it for the first three or five times, but when he figured out we weren't going to be changing the rule just because of his lobbying, he went at it. He also had a lollipop for dessert.

From there, we headed towards home, but stopped at 104th to see if there were any kid movies showing at the googleplex there. There weren't. So we walked over to a playing fountain that was right there. Yes, three days ago it was snowing and raining constantly. Today it was mid-70's and Jet wanted to skinny out of all his clothes and go running in the fountain. The sunshine was adequate, and we had his old shirt to dry him off with. So he ran and ran and laughed and ran and ran and laughed and splashed and ran some more. Everyone that watched him cracked a grin, and every time he came back to me, I'd shelter him from any wind, dry him off, and let him bask in the sunshine for a while until he was good and warm again. It took a little negotiating before he finally would stop, but it helped that he was getting cold.

Then, of course, he wanted ice cream. He really wanted a cone with sprinkles and white chocolate, with 'pink' ice cream. Sadly, the only pink they had was raspberry, not his usual strawberry, that that proved to be a disappointment to him. Now I know that when he says 'pink' he means strawberry. Jet also wasn't much for the cone itself once the sprinkles and chocolate ran out, so that was yucky. Then the 'pink' ice cream was yucky in and of itself as well. Well, it's obvious that it's not JUST sweets Jet's after. John had an ice cream, too. I decided to walk across the way and satisfy a fantasy I'd had since we'd moved. I bought myself a caramel, pecan, and chocolate chip apple, had them slice it, and then I ate it, piece by piece. It was a really nice Granny Smith apple, tart and firm enough to stand up to the caramel and chocolate. It was very, very good. For some reason I'd been craving one of these since the move, and I'd just never found the time to satisfy the craving, which may say something sad about how I take care of myself or something glad about my will power. Or something. *grin* Reality.

It was good. Crisp, sweet, crunchy, tart, and tasty. Happiness.

It took a while to persuade Jet that we were going back to the car. And on the way home, he was getting more and more upset with being in the car AND being upset about finally going home. He asked to go to Joan's. He asked to stop Right Now. He demanded stopping HERE. He wheedled, cried, and started telling us we had to stop the car. The amusing thing was that a mention of the hot tub was the thing that finally resigned him to his fate. When we did get home, he cheerfully got out, gathered up all the party favors that Joan had given him, and told me to stay where I was as he followed John out to the mailbox to get our mail. I don't know if it helped him or not, but I did stay where he said, and when he came back he was solid guy again. Helping with the mail, with bringing everything into the house, and when we were done with that, he took his party favors and just started playing with them on the counter.

We had a bunch of very ripe bananas and I looked at a banana bread recipe, but given the pound cake we have, the strawberries still to be eaten, and a ton of other stuff, I couldn't quite bring myself to make banana bread. Finally, I remembered something that George does regularly, and I just sectioned the peeled, ripe fruit, put the sections on plastic on a cookie sheet, and asked John to find room in the freezer for them. When they're individually frozen, I'll be able to stick them in an air-tight bag and we'll have smoothie bananas for a while to go with the fresh strawberries. Hoorah!!

We still have hot tubbing planned, but that's probably it for this very, very busy day.

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