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Sick Stomach...

Sadly, I may have picked up a digestive tract bug, and my guts were just really unhappy with me for all of Saturday and yesterday. It's not HAPPY now, either, but it's not actively erupting, at least. Bletch.

Yesterday was busy, though John was great and took Jet to Sunday school while I tried to deal with my guts. I finally made it to church and there was a marathon session going. Gospel singing for the service, and then an annual meeting. WAY too long for the poor lady in kid care. She finally just packed up and left, and I watched kidlings for a while.

Dang. Ten years ago I never would have thought I could watch a room with three three-year-olds and five five-year-olds and have anything even resembling order... but it worked, mostly because the toys were more interesting than anything else. Thank God for good toys.

Jet napped, John packed. We went for the airport at 2:30. Jet kept saying he wanted to go with John on the airplane. We walked, ate some stuff (I had a plain bagel) and then we went to the end of the security line and John gave Jet a big hug and told him to take care of me while he was gone. *sniffle*. I got a big hug, and then Jet and I were on our own.

Jet rode a luggage cart to the other end of the airport. There were a bunch of loose carts by the beginning of the security line. So we took them to the other end of the airport (honestly, I couldn't have carried Jet that whole way if I wanted to, so it was far easier with the carts), and then made ourselves a dollar when we returned them all. I gave Jet half the booty, which he felt was fair, and when we got out, paid off the parking, and started home, I used my half of the booty (Jet loved the word booty, kept chanting it in the back seat) to get us on the "threeway", which is what Jet called the freeway. Mmm... toll roads. NO traffic at all. We got home pretty quick. I ran to the bathroom. Jet played quietly until I was ready.

Then we hit the mall and found that it was already closed, and I then thought of the park I should have thought of in the first place, and we went there. There were kids there, galore! And Jet did the good thing of finding another kid to play with. He carried his traditional two cars with him, and when he found a playmate, he gave her one of the cars, and that was his signal to start following her everywhere, and she loved it. The two of them went at it for a good hour before I told Jet that we had only five more minutes. He surprised me and her by going up to her and taking back his car...

Poor girl, she fled, crying to her dad. Jet was really confused. He just knew that it was time for him to go soon and he had to collect his stuff. He hadn't told her, though, that he had to go. When I urged him to go tell her, he did, and she stopped crying. Jet looked very relieved. Then he came to me to get picked up, and I did and hugged him close before we headed for the car and Jet's favorite place in the world to eat. McDonald's.

Okay. It's his favorite in that he'll ask to go there any time and every time. It's NOT his favorite in that he'll eat any more than he usually does. He managed one nugget, maybe ten fries, and some of his pop. After all that exercise, that worried me a little, but then he got his game, and he absentmindedly ate another two nuggets and half his fries while trying to play his game. Okay. I fed them to him as he played, but that worked for me. On the way out of the half 7-11/half McDonald's he asked for some peanut butter cups, so I bought them for him, too.

Yes. I didn't eat anything. I went home and had some rice. My stomach was happier for it.

Jet sat and ate all around the outside of this peanut butter cups. He didn't quite trust the peanut butter filling... so just ate what he could see of the chocolate. *giggles*

Then John called, and Jet refused to talk to him, too. Just like with all the other relatives that call, other than Kathy, for some reason. But with John, eventhough Jet knew it was "Daddy", he didn't want to talk to him, until suddenly he started talking to me, and I asked him, "You want to tell that to Daddy?" Jet nodded, took the phone, and started telling story. I forget the exact wording, and now I'm thwacking my forehead for forgetting to write it down somewhere, but I could hear John howling on the other side of the phone and Jet had this big grin on his face. Then Jet said, "Bye-bye." and handed the phone to me to go back to playing with his cars.


After the phone call, Jet insisted that we use the hot tub, so we went out, and I flipped half the lid over with a HUGE bang, and we went in. Jet made small talk about how there were caves under the other side of the lid, about how the hot tub kills bugs, and then he called all the mosquitoes to go into the hot tub and die. *grin* I guess he gets that from me.

When we got out, he got his shower. I got my quick shower with a shower cap, which bemused Jet endlessly. My hair's now long enough that I prefer to NOT get it all soaking before going to bed. He used the potty, and got nine of his ten stamps towards a choo-choo piece ("Like a puzzle?" he asked). We got all ready for bed and he didn't quite nurse until nearly 11.

Oof. I'm already exhausted from the gut bug... but he went right to sleep, and I put him into his bed, no problem. I was the one having a real hard time sleeping and not thinking too much about how to figure something about about a situation at work.

I am stressed. I think that the gut bug might have started from a virus from Haley, but the continuation of the bad guts has more to do, I think, with the general stress of the moment. John's gone. I have lots of stuff about work in the air and I don't know where it'll land. I have a lot more things now that I have to track. Things to do. And it's all new, so my brain, at night, is way too busy sorting through all that to let me sleep. Bleh... and on top of that I'm sick, so I really need the sleep I'm not getting. Not a good way to live.

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