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Story Day

This morning, Jet asked for "mashmallow cereal" and got a bowl full of Lucky Charms and some milk. Five minutes later I hear, "Moooom... moooooom!"

"Yes, Jet?"

"This icky. I don' want any of them..." Jet lifted the sodden marshmallow out of his bowl.

I gave him a bowl to put them in and he meticulously put every single horribly melted, colored bit of sugar into the other bowl, leaving the milk a sickly green.

"Mom. Want more cereal. No mashmallows." A beat. "Please."

So I spent a good minute picking marshmallows out of three or four handfuls of cereal, and left them all in a pile by his bowl. He ignored them completely and ate the oat-based cereal. Lots of it. Then he went on to ask me to squeeze an orange for him, and he drank the whole glass of juice. Weird kid. I have a picture of Jet eating cereal behind a pile of rainbow colored marshmallows...

Tonight, on the way home from the airport, after getting John, we asked Jet about his trip this morning, to the Butterfly Pavilion. They hatch butterflies there year-round and have a great collection of very large insects. Jet started telling us about the dancing butterflies, the jungle, the flowers, the bridge, the waterfalls, and the turtles swimming in the waters... and the sharks that were swimming with them, and how the turtle was like a dinosaur and suddenly it was a dinosaur eating the plants and butterflies and then there was a man that came and started hitting things and then hitting the bugs and then hitting Jet and Momma and Daddy!! And then he cheerfully talked about how the turtle ate the man and the monsters and dragged them into the water and saved us all.

It actually took about half an hour for him to get through the whole thing... with a few white dirt digging bees in there, tunnels, and other things that I couldn't quite track into the plot of the story, but wow.

I actually slept well last night, for the first time in a while, and my digestive tract acted as if it had finally recovered. Whew.

I got Jet to pre-school nearly exactly on time. Wendy and Joey were already out there, and Jet's eyes got all big as I took out his car seat and strapped it into the back seat of Wendy's Discovery. As I'm trying to fight the strap through the mechanisms of the seat, Jet suddenly starts saying, "Bye Mom. Bye Mom. BYE MOM!!" I start giggling, which doesn't help me with the seat... and Jet's getting more and more insistent that I leave and let him have his adventure!! But he giggles when I hug him and kiss his forehead and wish him a good adventure. Happy boy.

I had a meeting at 9. I left at 8:50 am with a twenty minute drive back to work. I was ten minutes late and no one even blinked, they hadn't even been able to set up the video conferencing... so whew. It was good. I was glad.

I then got to talk with Sandra and she's at home with two kids with her husband out of town, too, and I was very, very thankful I have just Jet. I then got down to work and was feeling so tremendously productive and I saved my stuff and glanced at the system clock and nearly died. It was 12:45!!! I was supposed to have picked Jet up at 12:30.


I smashed pretty much every speed limit there was getting to Wendy's by 1. I Thank God that the one patrol car I saw was going in the other direction on a two-lane country road and he was going nearly as fast as I was in the other direction. He never turned around. The back of my brain said that Wendy had to leave at 1 to pick up one of her children from school; which was why the all-fired hurry. And traffic was light enough that it worked out just fine. Part of my brain said that Jet had to have gone to sleep on the way home, so he couldn't have been too much to look after.

So I was very surprised to see an empty car seat and diaper bag on the front porch. Jet was out back with Wendy, and they were planting sunflower seeds in a small patch of garden. Wow. He was so tired, that he nearly fell asleep on me after he asked to be picked up and carried back to the car. He was asleep before I pulled out of the driveway and it was a good thing. I drove very, very sedately back to Longmont, filled the Passat's 18 gallon tank with 14 gallons on top of what it had left, and thanked it for the 600+ miles it had given me on the one tank. Diesel still isn't quite as high as gas prices are, around here. I'm grateful for that, too.

Jet napped. I worked. When he woke up, I fed him chocolate milk, four pepperoni-Triscuit sandwiches, a blackberry-banana milk shake, and he helped himself to a dish of frozen blackberries that he asked me to 'warm' for him. So I nuked them just until they were thawed, and he ate them with a spoon. Made me blink every time he scowled at the tartness of the fruit, but he kept at it.

Then we left for the airport. Found two luggage carts on the way in, which he was very happy to ride, and we returned them so that Jet could have 'two monies for the threeway!' He was very happy to be allowed to hold the money again. We found John, got him, mailed a package I wanted to mail at the post office in the airport, and then headed back to the car. The extra errand was as much to let Jet stretch his legs after the hour-long ride there as anything. From there we hit Chick-Fil-A to let us eat. I had their chicken soup and was very pleasantly surprised. It's good stuff. Jet played like mad on the climbing structure with as many kids as he could play with.

One family group came, and they were playing Hide and Seek, and really disappointed Jet. He came to me, "They won't talk with me or play with me!" I explained that in Hide and Seek, if one of them is hiding, they don't want to be talked with because that helps who's It to find them. He didn't get it. But one of the bigger boys took pity on him, and talked and played with him, quite gently while the others played and screamed, and ran about like crazy. It was pretty cool that the one kid took the time for Jet. Then other toddlers arrived, and Jet had a blast with all of them. One was a little Hispanic girl that didn't want to stop. Poor kid. Her Mom was pretty unhappy with her.

John and I let Jet just play and play and play until he finally said that he was done, and then he ate some waffle fries, nibbled a nugget, and drank all of his lemonade. The 'prize' in the kids meal was a kid-sized scrapbook! That was pretty interesting. We'll have to make pictures small enough to be pasted into it. Jet waved it around, while in his seat, "Mom! Talk this for me!"

So I did.

Home again home again, and Jet objected, strenuously, to going home. He wanted to go swimming, to go hot tubbing, to go to work (BIG work) and all kinds of stuff before we finally got him started on his story about what happened at the Butterfly Pavilion. Hee.

He went to sleep really quickly when we finally got him into pajamas, all brushed, and nursed. Whew. Though, when he wanted his ritual peek at TV before nursing, he said that the remote control was "the nurse control, too!" Hee.

I get to sleep tonight and KNOW that John's going to take Jet in the morning! Whooooeee!!

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