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Okay... how's this for a number of stressors?
  1. John's out of town on business
  2. A very important part of my job's responsibilities may be decided by someone I do not report to and do not have any control over.
  3. I can, perhaps, influence him, though. I don't know, though.
  4. Another big part of my job responsibilities were supposed to be decided this afternoon by a committee, and, again, I was invited to be there and speak up about it.
  5. Jet's being potty trained
  6. I have an intestinal bug that is giving me cramps and interrupting whatever I do
  7. I have PMS and it's causing cramps and... blah blah blah...
  8. All the above is contributing to a severe lack of sleep

Oh. I guess this is why I'm stressed at the moment. 3 is where my gut problem may not be purely viral, though. I am actually, I think, doing an okay job of handing the guy data about my situation and trying to get him to see how I'm seeing things. There's hope.

"Despair's easy. I can handle despair. It's hope that's really hard." -- Rick Holovski

Hard in a good way, but still hard.

Jet and I managed to have fun anyway. He ate a HUGE breakfast to make up for his lack of dinner last night. Cereal, a strawberry Pop-Tart, AND a smoothie. I dropped him off on time, picked him up a little early, and he fell into a dead sleep on the way home. When I got him into the house, I fell into a dead sleep on the bed. Jet went off at 2:30, so I was in plenty of time for the meeting. We both had some lunch. I set up "Finding Nemo" for him, and then got on-line only to find a bunch of email in my box about the meeting this afternoon. Last night, at midnight, I'd realized that I really should be bringing another person in on the discussion, and THAT person had taken the ball and run with it. I eyed the agenda for the meeting a minute after it was supposed to have started and I was no longer on the list of speakers. The other person was.

Ah hah.

Then John called. The leader of the committee had already sent me an email to say that if this other guy was going than it was a waste of my time for me to go, so that it should only be one of us. So I decided that talking with John was more important to my sanity than hearing a bunch of people talk about something a level above what I really needed. I also knew that if this guy was successful it was pretty much a given that I'd get what I needed. So la.

We talked. I felt a lot better.

When I asked Jet what he wanted for dinner, he said, "Cereal." I needed to get more disposable pull-ups for him, so we went to the grocery store and I was hungry and I succumbed to a stack of Stouffer's entrees. If I didn't have Jet and John I might have just a chest freezer of Stouffer's entries and just eat them all the time. Bad for me. And it was very comforting and I appear to have suffered no really bad affects. I'm glad.

Jet picked, of all things, Lucky Charms and he ate the stuff, cheerfully, dry. He complained of sticky hands after a while, got a wet washcloth and carefully cleaned himself off. Then he asked to use the potty.

He's been a man on a mission with the potty today. I think the combination of actually getting a piece of choo-choo and seeing all those pictures really motivated him with respect to getting a choo by using the potty. Only problem is that every time he uses it he says, "I get a choo-choo now! NOW!" And I have to explain it all over to him again. I'm getting tired of the routine, but I figure that's the only way it's going to stick. But even so, he's gotten five stamps in just this one day!! Pretty good.

Then we shared a "Chocodile". Jet had been intrigued by the name at the store and I'd bought it on the whim. It's a Twinkie covered in HoHo shell chocolate. Jet told me to split it in half, and then to cut his half into "little bits". So I sliced it for him. He ate the chocolate off it, started on the cream, and then put the piece, cream side down, on the table. It stuck. That made him giggle like mad. And he stopped eating the cream because it stuck to the table. So he ended up eating all the chocolate off it, and leaving the cake and cream. I made the mistake of cleaning up after him. My guts are not that happy any more. *sigh*

But it had been a quiet and restful evening, on the most part. I set Jet to washing dishes while I cleared up the rest of the house for the cleaners tomorrow. Yes. That sounds funny. I would stop by, periodically to take the dish he'd been washing in the soapy water for the last five to ten minutes, and rinse it and give him more; but he did that to every piece I gave him. Occupied him for a good hour while I could do all the other things I needed to do, including a little on-line stuff. AND I had clean dishes by the end of it all. Quite the deal.

I have to do that more often.

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