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I'm a Wreck, but we Rec. Centering Anyway

I am a wreck. Completely.

I was in a complete daze this morning when I dropped Jet at Joan's. Sick. Sleepless with thinking about job stuff. Good job stuff, really, just... hard...

Then I went to work for an hour and a half, and two other guys at work carpooled with me to the OUR center, which is the local food bank and soup kitchen.

I spent the next hour and a half chopping tomatoes and chilies with dull knives, tossing out trash, talking with kids in grown up bodies carrying around a Stitch, and being a cheerful greeter to homeless folks picking over day old donuts and getting coffee.

We got done early. I made the mistake of eating the 'Mexican goulash" with everyone. It was good, but my stomach could NOT take it.

I went back to work feeling like an utter idiot for worrying about the things I was worrying about. I got Jet. Joan told me he'd gone potty, which was his tenth one! We celebrated his accomplishment by dancing. I went home with him. He fell asleep in the car. I loaded him and his car seat onto my bedroom floor, so he'd wake me up when he woke up. I slept.

THREE HOURS. Jet let me sleep for three whole, blessed hours, and I am now far, far, far more coherent.

Especially since we then went to the Rec. Center. Instead of working out, as I was in no physical shape to be doing that, I took my laptop and I wrote. I wrote a huge letter filled with nothing but data. No conclusions, no judgments, no... whatever. Just the data as I'd been handed, and handed it off to the guy that was going to probably make a huge decision with regards to my effectiveness with his organization.

It took the full hour that Jet was in day care. Probably the best hour of the day.

We then went swimming, and with that load off my back, I paid full attention to Jet, and he paid it back with interest. We swam and swam and went down the slide, and went around the Lazy River, and had a blast. He asked to get his choo-choo part before going to dinner, so we went to the choo-choo store and he marched right in. I showed him the wall 'o' trains, and said, "Pick any one."

He did. He surprised the hell out of me by picking a box containing two wooden pieces that could crisscross with each other. They made either a train crossing or a road crossing, and they had a stop sign and a RxR/rail crossing sign! None of the gorgeous, named engines, none of the cars, none of the cabooses, or the fancy specialty cars... Just two pieces of track and some signs!

I asked him, only once, if he was sure. He said, "Yes." and marched over to the cash register with his page of stamps. If there had been both John and I, I would have asked the guy to take the page in 'payment' while Jet was looking, and settled up afterwards... as it was, though, I had to just tell Jet that he was paying me with the paper and I'd pay the guy for the choo-choo piece. Jet was content with that.

He took his box to dinner with him, opened it at the dinner table, and pretty much forgot to eat very much. He loved the pieces that he got. He played with them in all kinds of ways, and I encouraged his love of them.

THEN he saw the flyer inside that had pictures of all the possible train pieces, cars, and engines. And he frowned and said, "I want it all."

"Well, if you use the potty, for each ten times you do a big one, you can get a choo-choo piece."

"I want to use the potty."

I nearly died.

I took him to the potty. He used it.

"I get choo-choo. Now. I used potty. I get choo-choo."

"It doesn't work like that..."

"Nooooooooooo!! It DOES work like that..."

We talked. We went back to the table. I ate. Jet studied the pictures.

He was very quiet on the ride home, the page of pictures in front of his face. "I want use potty."

We went through the whole routine, including the "Noooooooooo!" and talking. This is going to get tiring, fast. But we put several more stamps on his new piece of paper, including a metallic star that Joan had given him by sticking it to his shirt.

He's a good way towards his next pick. I guess we've finally hit the mother lode with respect to motivation.

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