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"I HAVE to use the potty!"

My God. Jet actually said, "I have to use the potty." today. He said it while in the shower at the rec. center, and I picked him up, dripping, and put him on the potty there. He stood on the seat and let fly, and grinned at me when he was done. "I made a big one, huh, Mom!"

"You did!"

We danced on the tiles and he went back to his shower and sang to himself quite happily about making big ones and getting choo-choos.

Motivated boy.

Jet is now motivated. He's actually asking to use the potty and actually saving up for them when he can, and he's doing great. His disposable pull-ups are dry more than half the time, now, when he asks to use the potty, and it's a great, good thing. Whooiee! I think Brenda's comment about how toddlers are like any of us, they just need motivation, really helped find the key to all this.

We may have to change the rules soon, that he'll get a choo-choo with a big one with a DRY pullup, but we may let this go another round before doing that. He's now seen the results of his efforts three times. A couple more won't hurt.

It was a good day today, though I was pretty confused, schedule-wise, this morning.

Last night, I remembered that I'd promised to talk to someone in Ireland about something this morning on TOP of my dentist appointment. I ended up talking to the co-worker and not looking up until it was already time for my appointment, oops. The blunder, however, turned into an opportunity, as I called the office, apologized for my mistake, and instead of telling me that they were going to charge me for the broken appointment, they asked when they might reschedule me!!

A *nice* dentists office!?!?! Woohoo!! The receptionist said that I should go in and do the paperwork if I wanted, and so I did. It's something to get out of the way so that I don't have to do it on Wednesday. I'm glad of that. I was also really glad to check out the office and note that they had a huge fish tank, lots of toys, and when I asked about if they had any special programs for young kids, they said that they did a Happy Teeth introduction for first time toddlers. Hoorah! So I'll probably schedule Jet's appointment after I do mine on Wednesday. So that started badly, but turned out really nicely.


Lunch was at DeliCioso's as Joan had asked me to get Jet early. But she called while I was working on something and said that she didn't need me to get there early, as Ashley was going to take care of the other errand she had to do. So I went at the usual time, and Jet was tired and happy and went to sleep on the way home. He napped. I worked. We cuddled when he woke up, watched a little TV, and then I had a meeting. It's really nice to just snuggle up with a warm, sleepy three-year-old as he drinks his milk after a nap. Makes both of us happier. John came home and we headed off to the choo-choo store as Jet had gotten his tenth while at home. He asked to use the bathroom, himself!!

I was so proud. *grin*

At the store, Jet picked out a box, again, and this time John asked him what he expected was in the box. When Jet said, "A choo-choo." John took the box, turned it to the side that showed just the crossing lights, Jet peered at it and put it back. He ended up with a road cleaning crew, one of the trucks even had a rotating brush and a tank filled with sudsing liquid!! That was pretty cool. But we kept it closed until dinner time.

Jet left it in the car when we got to the Rec. Center, and cheerfully went in, full-blast. We were really lucky, Jet's card had run out, but the folks there had seen us so often, they just waved him through, anyway. We'll have to remember the checkbook next week to reup our cards. It was nice to get a workout this week and talk with John about all the things I'm getting involved in and how to resolve some of the things I'm running into. I'm so happy about work, even with the stresses, that it's uncanny.

Swimming was a blast. Jet had a fun chasing his throwing star everywhere. It's a star made of foam and soft cloth and he can and does throw it everywhere and no one has to worry about him hitting anyone with it. Whew.

Dinner was at Ichi-Ban and it was good. Jet got to unpack his cleaning crew and he played with them very intently as he ate his rice, some of my tempura'ed vegetables, and drank a good deal of water. He did great, and he fell asleep clutching his toys as he went to bed. Happy boy. He's really getting into it and, for the first time, building his own tracks to play with his trucks and trains on. He's getting pretty good at laying track, now, with all the parts he now has and putting up signs and telling trucks or trains to stop or go or yield to the others. He's getting much better at just playing with the toys himself.

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