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The Neighbors Move In

The neighbors next door to our left as we head out the door moved out on Monday. They had put their house up for sale the day we moved in, John likes to joke that it is our fault. Peter keeps saying that we should have put a gate in between the houses while there was no one there; but the reality is much better than that. the new folks are about our age, and they have a three-year-old daughter who is almost exactly the same age as Jet.

They were immediately fine with putting a gate in and even with trading off parents' Night Off with each other!!! I think we've found a winner. It's nice to assume that things will work out and actually have it work out that way.

Jet also got to meet his babysitter for tomorrow night. A co-worker of ours invited us out for dinner tomorrow and has two teenage daughters that he volunteered as baby-sitters for the evening. The restaurant looks really good, but they and we were a mite worried about Jet going to a strange house with strange people and being happy about that. So the two girls came over to play with Jet and he really liked them and they really liked him, so I think it's a go. When they were leaving, John asked Jet,"Do you want to go to their house and play while we eat dinner tomorrow?" and Jet replied,"Sure!"

I am glad.

I think that the chording and gesturing abilities of this board are everything I was hoping for; and that the keyboarding is going to take a while to get used to. I am amused to find that I often use the ring finger to help the pinkies out on the far reaches, and it's far more evident when both keys get touched but not hit.

My day went really well on the whole. I was able to get my dentist appointment in this morning and then get Jet, no problem. I even scheduled his appointment as well for Friday next week. I was even so early to get Jet that I was able to stop by Erie and buy myself an order of chow fun for my lunch. Lui didn't remember me, and asked if I had ever been by before. I guess the different hair lengths really make a difference. Okay, plus the subtraction of a husband and son.
I enjoyed my lunch tremendously and probably have enough food for another couple of lunches. MMmmmm...

Jet had a hard late afternoon, after the girls had gone. He was so excited about everything that he completely forgot to eat and he was whining about everything. I finally told him that I just wasn't going to do anything he said until he ate because he was acting like a cranky boy. He actually listened, understood the argument and went down with me to the dining room to eat. He finished a huge bowl of rice, with sauce and sprinkles. He also drank a huge glass of strawberry nectar, and then accused me of drinking his drink. That was pretty funny.

Now he's painting, and asking to mix all the colors up. When I refused to mix them to start, and asked him to pick single colors at a time, he's actually picking them in order so that he gets a little of every single color. It's pretty impressive to watch him work that way. The painting it turning into a thing of shadows on shadows, with streaks of blood or gold and sky.

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