Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


It made for a very interesting start to my birthday, all in all, that memorial service.

Many thanks to elthar and agrimony for their birthday wishes! I haven't been able to get to my private account this morning because of a socks server outage at work and a modem outage at home. I only have my ISDN line that is only configured for work, so I'll have to get my modem up this afternoon/evening.

I'm pretty bad about birthdays myself. I like having reminders to remind me. I don't have presents for anyone, and especially since Jet has eaten my brain I've been really bad about getting anything for anyone, especially my mom, dad and sister, whom are probably the only people, other than John, that I remember getting something for. So I hold no grudges for anyone 'forgetting' mine. Especially someone as cool and wonderful as Trip. And if that might help flit with the guilt and stress. No stress! No guilt! No worries! Yay!

Besides, I find that the wishes often make me much happier than presents. A wish is always good and always perfect and there's nothing I would do to 'improve' them, when presents sometimes don't fit, break, wear out, collect dust, or just aren't quite what I had in mind... a wish always fits and doesn't wear out and it makes me pretty happy.
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