Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

First Dentist's Visit

Jet got to go to the dentist today for a "Happy Visit". Just a quick visit to the office, a way to get acquainted.

Unfortunately, Jet got down for his nap late, so he slept all the way over to the office and only woke up when we got there. He then pooped his diaper, which is a guarantee of a cranky Jet, and so he clung to John or I with every bit of his strength and wouldn't let Dr. Harmon even look at him. Oops.

So we talked about flossing and how to do it for a toddler. The assistant told us she used to floss her kids with their heads in her lap, so that she could reach and see what she was doing. Dr. Harmon said that it was mildly important to at least try and get a habit going. Then they gave Jet a bag full of cool teeth tools. There was a two-minute timer, a new brush, toothpaste, and a small box of berry-flavored floss. They also showed him the toy chest, and he pulled a self-inking lion stamp and a rubber hedgehog out of it! Hee.

The dentist said that it wasn't a big deal, and that we should make another appointment in a few months or even six months and try again when Jet was bigger and a bit more secure about the whole thing. It isn't something that really has to be done until he's nearer four. They'd rather he was happy in the office and not scared of anyone or anything and had good memories of the toys and the place than anything else.

When we came home, Jet lay down and let me floss his teeth. Then he started to ask for floss, and he wanted to do it himself. So every hour, he's been flossing. *grin* He even demanded to be put into his pajamas and have his teeth brushed early so that he could floss! That was funny. We're encouraging it as best we're able. Though I'll admit that I think half of why he wanted to do it is because we're telling him he can't do it often as he wants to.

Ah... toddlers.

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