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I splurged and bought a shipment of tea from Mighty Leaf (My Tea Leaf).com.

I'd run into their tea pouches while John and I were in Vancouver, last year, during our Month Off. I'd loved the silk bags filled with whole-leaf teas. The tastes was like that of loose leaf, whole leaf teas; but with all the convenience of a tea bag. What's more is that the pouches are beautiful and good for a twelve ounce pot of tea. It almost seems a shame to toss the bag...

But I bought their sampler with the Mighty Leaf Tea Pot and found, to my dismay, that the ceramic pot has a hollow handle, which, of course, gets hot as blazes while the tea brews. And when the tea is brewed, of course, the tea cools faster with more surface area to the cooler outside. Amusingly enough, both problems were solved when I wrapped it in a tea cloth, the spout is well high enough to pour easily even when wrapped, and the lid was a perfect setting for my used tea bag. I had different, pouring problems with their diner car pot. Both pots, though, are exceptionally inexpensive so I'm not too disappionted. The tea tasted great and the brewing was good ritual for me to settle down before an hour-long meeting with someone I'd never talked to before and several hours of finally getting something finished rather than just starting yet another thing.

I also bought their iced tea pack, which included four ounces of loose tea and a Bodum iced tea pot. Made a pitcher of brewed iced tea, and it's a very nice pot. I just have to remember to pour the boiling water outside of the tea strainer so that the water, itself, doesn't force out all the small bits of tea into the rest of the pitcher. It's quite a bit more elegant than old orange juice bottles. We'll see if it tastes as good, too.

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