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Last Day of School

Today was Jet's last day of school. We have a picnic on Saturday with his classmates and teacher, so I don't really think it's going to sink in for him for a while. When I went to pick him up he was crying like crazy because he had pretended that Katie was a monster and had convined himself of it so thoroughly that she scared him silly.

Katie was berating Jet when I got there, "I no monster! I a girl!!"

Jet came to me and clung tight when I took him from Wendy. He cried for another thirty seconds and then looked up when Wendy handed me his portfolio for the year. It was a folder with all his drawings, paintings, and artwork from nine months' worth of painting or drawing once a week. Wow. It's quite the collection and I really wanted to go through it all. She also had some very, very muddy clothing in various bags, a bag filled with all the extra clothing and stuff from his cubby, and his diaper bag was quite filled to the brim. Wow.

Jet just clung to me, and we said good-bye and thank you and see you Saturday... so it felt a little unreal, still.

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