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The Rec. Center was fun, tonight. Part of it was that, for once, I was the one that got picked up at work. So I had no excuse to stay late, and I could just run off when they came. I'd stayed home for the morning, with Jet, and John took over for the afternoon.

Jet and I had a great morning together. We planted the carrots out in the big, raised vegetable bed and watered them extensively. Jet had built himself a 'pond' and filled it with water and drove his trucks and trains through it. Hee. I watered all my plants. The tomatoes are really big and flowering, now. so I think that they're doing quite fine. I'm supposed to be feeding them every week, now. Last year, we were gone for the whole month of July, and the tomatoes were so far from the house it was hard to get all the water/food out to them. This year I think I'll be able to do better with the vegetable bed much closer to the house and with a whole box of tomato food to give to them.

I had a meeting, and Jet cheerfully played while I met.

For lunch, I asked him, "What do you want for lunch?"

"A jam sandwich."

"Okay. Do you want peanut butter on it, too?"

He thought for a bit. "I want peanut butter on it."
"Okay, a peanut-butter jam sandwich."

"No. No jam."

"A jam sandwich with no jam?"

"Yeah. Jam sandwich. No jam. Just peanut butter."

After lunch, and he ate most of his jam sandwich, no jam, just peanut butter with a big glass of milk. He asked for some of the watermelon that was sitting on the counter, so I obliged and opened it up, sliced one slice into big chunks. Jet demanded a fork. So I gave him a fork and he ate his watermelon chunks with a fork. When he was done, he asked to sit in the rocking chair. So we sat and rocked a bit and he fell asleep. I put him in his room and John came home. I was really glad John came home after Jet was asleep, and then I snarfed an instant lunch of microwaved, frozen ravioli, and half walked, half-ran to work. The second half was when a thunderhead rolled into the area, rumbled and then started just pouring on me.

When they picked me up it was raining, too.

Jet had a blast with toys. John and I walked the whole time and we talked about what I was doing and running into. He really liked doing that. It's obvious, now, that I'm not nearly as frustrated as I was with my old job. With my new one I have problems, but also a whole bunch of ways to solve them. We'll see how it goes.

Swimming was fun. Jet has a 'throwing star', which is actually a plush, sponge star that he just chucks in all directions. He giggled like mad when he accidentally hit me in the head with it, and it's soft enough it didn't hurt at all; but the sploosh of water was mildly annoying. But, for the most part, Jet aimed for empty stretches of water, which was a great good thing. He likes riding my back, too, grabbing the straps of my swimsuit and using them like a water ski handle, and he rides while I swim/run in the shallow pool. He loves that. It's a great workout for me, too. And I was sore afterwards!! It's been a little while since we've gone.

After that we had a very authentic Mexican dinner at Durango's. Jet ate fruit snacks and goldfish in the shower room while we all showered, and then he ate half a plate of Spanish rice and a whole corn tortilla with a pinch of salt. The proprietor was very impressed that Jet liked corn tortillas, ever since our trip to Mexico, it's become something Jet'll eat nigh anywhere. It helped that these folks didn't microwave their corn tortillas, they may well have steam pressed 'em, but they were tender and soft all the way to the edges.

Jet loved that we then went to the car wash, as the Passat needed a good wash and with the water restrictions, we can really only go to a place that recycles the water. The no-touch washes do a pretty nice job and they always entertain Jet tremendously. Yay! I think he was pretty happy to have his routine back, and he went to sleep easily and very, very quickly. Whew...

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