Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Long Weekend

Friday we had a bunch of work folks over for dinner. Just the last of the brats and some of the beer that John had brewed. It was just casual, social, and fun.

Saturday morning was the Boulder Creek Fair. That was fun. There was rain and people and lots of stuff to see and do. Jet got to play in a couple of jumping castles, climbing slides, and the like, where some organization was just doing a little fund raising. He loved that. He also really loved the brownie Cliff bars they were handing out for free. We'll have to get more of those, with a nutritional list the length of my arm... We got happily trapped by rain in the usual batik/loud shirt shop that we shop at every year the fair is here. They had some really nice French Terry sweatshirts for sale there. Normally $45 a pop, they were on sale for $20 and with as many shirts as we bought, she dropped the price another five bucks, so I got it for a third of their retail price. The unusual and highly valuable feature of the shirt was a small thumb hole. I could hook my thumbs in to the hole and have the equivalent of a fingerless glove and the sleeves would stay well down. If I had gloves, in the winter, it would be really toasty.

Unfortunately, my gut really objected to something... and I was running for porta-potties at very inconvenient times.

Jet fell fast asleep on the way home. I went to sleep, too. John went off to do errands, and then someone called to say that he'd left his credit card there! Eek. So when John came home, we went back into Boulder, had a little dinner (trying hard to find something nice for my poor gut), and went to find the card. Of course, Jet had to do more jumping. We did a little more shopping, and the Cliff bar folks were giving the bars away two at a time, instead of just one. Hee. We pocketed a few more for snacks later in the week. So it turned into a profitable go-back.

Sunday morning I was so sick I just had to sleep. John and Jet went to Sunday School, the last day of it, and I went to church when I finally felt a little better. The afternoon was sleepy and quiet. The evening was spent with Indian co-workers, a delightful repast with coconut rice pancakes, chicken curry, dal, a vegetable-chili "salad", and other great foods they had. Jet slurped down an entire mango lassi and that was his dinner. Smoothie for dinner. He was delighted to play with their 22-month-old daughter and he was very, very gentle and giggly with her.

Today I finally felt good enough to do something. So we built my 12x4 foot vegetable bed! All of cedar, so it was untreated wood. We went out, did tons of errands, ran Jet ragged, bought all the parts, and then took a bit of a drive home and he fell asleep. We cut, assembled, screwed, and placed the thing in the proper place in the back yard. Then Jet woke up and he wanted nothing more than to play in it. John and I then plowed through the whole yard, weeding everything we could get our hands on. There's a lot of garden around this house, and a lot of it is so beautifully landscaped that it seems a shame to let any of the weeds go. So we got it all cleaned up.

Then, when it started getting dark, John put the gate in to our new neighbor's yard. The neighbor had said that it was fine, last week, while we were getting to know them, and he confessed to me, later, that when he'd approved of it, he thought it would be a month or two before it would go in. He admired John's efficiency. John had it up and going, with kids opening and running through, within an hour of when he started. That was pretty impressive.

Now all we have to do is get dirt to fill the vegetable bed. With John at the helm, I don't doubt it'll be done in a couple of days.

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