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Sure Enough

I came home today to an empty house.

The garage door was open, and the Stoat and the trailer were both gone, along with the boys.

Twenty minutes later and I heard the chug-chug of the diesel, and they come back with a load of dirt. A wheelbarrow, two shovels, and a car stand later, we have the vegetable bed half-filled. The bulk garden place they'd found was closed when we were done, but... wow. Half done. John says that tomorrow he'll get the other half when they open at 7:30 am. *grin*

When we dumped wheelbarrows filled with dirt, there would be mounds, and Jet would yell, "It's like a scooter!!" and he'd make "rrrrrrrrmmmmmmm..." noises and run up and down the mounds of dirt. The only thing I can think of is that he's seen/thinking of dirt bike races or something, as whenever I tried to flatten the bumps out Jet scolds me, "No no!! Must be like a scooter track!"

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