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Today was supposed to be Jet's first day at his new daycare situation. John and I took him to Brenda's and he was so excited he wouldn't eat more than a couple bites of his peanut butter sandwich. When we got there and saw the flock of geese, he asked if he could feed his sandwich to the geese.

Brenda said that he could, later, but that they'd just have some quiet play time until the rest of the kids arrived. She said that she was feeling a little under the weather, and that if something came up, she'd call us.

Right at nine, she called me and said that she was feeling really nauseous and could I pick up Jet in the next hour? I was on the way into a meeting, and told her so and said that I had to talk to John... and then pulled myself together and said, "Yes. Someone will be there in less than an hour."

John was quite happy to do so. He went and got Jet and the two of them started moving all of John's stuff. John is moving cubes, and since he had to pack all his toys and move them he enlisted Jet's help. Jet was quite happy to help. That worked out really well.

At 11, though, we both had a meeting, which happened to be the same meeting. So I went off with Jet and we got a snack and juice and then went to the meeting together. He spent a good half an hour eating, drinking, and playing with the toys that John had brought for him. Then he got antsy about staying in the room and started talking about the fact that neither John nor I were talking to him, only to the phone. *giggles* Oops. So John took Jet out of the room, and they disappeared for a while as I got to comprehend what the meeting was about. John had already gone over the main materials and organized them for the leader of the meeting, so he knew it inside and out and didn't really need to be there.

John and Jet went home after the meeting, and John said that Jet was asleep almost before they got home. He was tired, and napped for two good hours, so John got a lot done even with Jet around.

I am unused to John sacrificing his day in order for me to work. Makes me feel a little guilty, though he's also proposed that he go half time while I go full time, so that he can support my work habit and give me a good push-start on my new job. There's so much for me to do that even that amount of time won't get me completely caught up, but it might give me a push start. I am also afraid, though, that I'd really miss Jet while I was full time. That would be weird. Of course, we could just do it for a limited amount of time, like the summer, Then I could see if it would make a good difference in how much I can get done, or if I'd get tired of not really knowing how Jet's growing up in the short time before he goes to school. Okay... not that short. It's another two or three years until he's in school proper.

So the afternoon felt a little odd, but good in some ways as I made progress on things I hadn't thought I'd make progress on and I seem to be making good relationships with my main customers, which will be important as the requirements phases start to heat up.

I walked home in the rain. A little dustchhund tried being a ferocious guardian of its people, unfortunately, it stood in the midst of a really busy street while cars avoided it, barely. I tried to call it, and when it was obvious that the dog wouldn't let me touch it, I 'ran' away from it, across the street to its people. Mighty Hunter Dog chased me, readily, back to safety and the dog's people rescued it and thanked me. That was pretty funny, but I was fairly proud of figuring out how to get it to go where I needed it to go.

When I got home, I played with Jet. That was a lot of fun. Maybe being a working mom would be okay, as I would miss Jet enough that the time we did get together would be really special and good for both of us. We played and played and John made dinner, and then the Sprinkler Man arrived. John found someone local that wanted to do the sprinkler fixing and setting up, who knows the local seasons, what the grass really needs, and what to do about it. So he came, led the three of us a merry chase around the house, in the basement, through the lawn peering at the grass for valve covers and Jet loved it. He loved seeing how everything worked. He commented, "There's bugs in there." when the man opened the lid to the valves and looked properly impressed when the man said, "Yes. Lots of bugs and spiders and things." Hee.

John then made taco salad for dinner. We ate and while we were eating Mikayla came by to play. Since the boys were done, they went and played. Jet went over to their house and gave me a good forty-five minutes while I worked on this. They gave him ice cream. When he was done the two kids came over here and played in the house for a while before Mikayla's dad came over. He had lost sight of them a while back and his heart stopped when he thought he'd lost both kids. Oops. They were both perfectly safe and having a great time. They stayed here while I wrote and they played together just fine with all of Jet's toys. Mikayla was very happy with all the new toys and a friend that was so easy to visit. They ended up outside, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. It was sunny out there, and both of the kids had DEET on, so no fear of mosquitoes or West Nile at the moment, for me at least. It was sunny out front, but there were clouds on the horizon that were flashing and banging. Early summer thunderstorms.

The plants, last night, loved the big storm. My tomato plants look really, really happy. So I think they're doing quite well.

After rolling the chalks as much as drawing with them, Mikayla's dad dragged her away for pajamas and bedtime. Jet was okay with coming inside, and while inside, he eschewed a brownie for a dozen cherries with the pits knocked out. Isabel had given us cherry pitter that sits on top of a canning jar. It's made of a plunger that just goes right through the center of a cherry and knocks the pit out through the bottom. Simple, effective, efficient and utterly fascinating for a little boy. Jet pitted two dozen cherries, feeding me half of them and eating the other half himself. He really liked them.

Then he demanded a bath. We went up and started the warm water and he had a good, long bath. By which time John was back from his church meeting, and Jet asked for books. He's already filled in the fifteen spots for a 'prize', since we're counting the number of books he gets read by someone. It seemed so odd to me that fifteen books, fifteen twenty-minute intervals, or fifteen hours of reading couldn't be rewarded for two entire weeks. Fifteen hours of reading is a bare week's worth of books for me. Jet never reads a book without reading it three or four times. He's read the book he borrowed, Five Trucks about fifteen times for it alone. It's pretty funny.

I'm enjoying the African Nectar from Mighty Leaf. It's a fairly good rooiboos blend with spices. I like it, and it's comfortingly like tea. Rooiboos has no caffeine; but, interestingly enough, it's complex enough to be near to my taste for regular tea. So I get a good night's sleep as well as a comforting mug of tea on a cool stormy night. It's even nicer in my bulky, big Mexican hummingbird mug. Mmm...

Looks like Brenda's not going to be able to take Jet tomorrow either. John and I have had a tactical meeting about what we're going to do about tomorrow. So we'll both have some time, but not as much as we had originally planned for. I hope I make it up next week. We'll see.

Oh... yeah. We were discussing Five Trucks and the baggage handler that the books says "Carries luggage." I said, "Oh, it's a synonym." "Oh! A synamin!" said Jet.

Much laugher ensued. Now, though, Jet says, "Synonym." when he hears "luggage"... giggles.

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