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The Potty Train

John took today off to be with Jet and they did dozens of things while I madly dashed through a ToDo list longer than my arm at work and also did five to six hours of meetings with various folks. Kinda bleh, kinda good as I'm finally gaining traction on the things I really needed to do.

One of the things the boys did was go to soccer. Peter has a soccer session with a bunch of four-year-olds, who are all a head taller and bigger than Jet and have been doing this for a good year. Jet did great, though. It was a full hour of drills!! There was balance stuff, kicking things, and then just a lot of running after the ball stuff. The balance drills were hard for Jet, as he hasn't done any of that before, and he's learning it all from scratch. He could do the easier stuff and the medium stuff, but the stuff that relied on four-year-olds' sense of balance and their height (like being able to stop a number 3 ball with a foot on top of it from behind it while it's rolling) was way beyond Jet's abilities of the moment. Still, the only way he's going to get it is by practicing. And when he would moan, "I caaaaan't!" Peter was right there to encourage him.

That was cool!

He did get the idea of running ahead of a ball and getting in its way to stop it. Peter said that he had plenty of balls at home for Jet to borrow and play with, so that should be great. And the best thing is that after soccer, they did recycling and the post office and when the post office folks gave Jet a GIANT lollipop, he took a few sucks on it and then fell asleep with it still in his fist. So John got a good, long time to do things.

They went to the neighborhood pool when Jet woke up, and when I got home at 5, they were showering in order to go out. John had a church meeting and Jet was invited. I came home, changed him, asked him if he wanted to use the potty and he did, quite happily and got stamp number 9. They were taking the brownies with them, so I lifted a few pieces out for myself. When the boys left, I packed up my gardening gear, called Pinocchio's to order some food, and then hopped in the van to get my food, eat it on the van's table in the church parking lot. When I was done, I got out with all my gear and weeded and dead headed the still-wet garden. Someone had the same idea I did and watered the rose garden again. The weather's been so hot that it was worth doing again. I dead headed away and filled the two-gallon bucket twice before it got dark enough I had to worry about mosquitoes.

I packed everything up, cleaned up my dinner, and then headed to King Soopers and bought the grocery list that John had left for me from the day. It was pretty funny doing that. I also bought myself some liverwurst because I had a bad craving for the stuff. Yeah, I know, "Who has cravings for that yucky stuff?" For some reason I really like liver, maybe it's a vitamin A deficiency or something (two slices of the stuff have 240% of the daily requirement for A), and I wanted it. What I couldn't buy, though, was the all-natural granola. At $4 a box, I kept thinking about all the granola ingredients I have a home, and I finally had to just leave it on the shelf and go home and make it for myself. I ate my brownies, mixed the stuff and when it went into the oven, the boys came home.

It was 8:30 pm, and Jet had used the potty at the house he was visiting. The husband of the lady that was running the meeting had taken Jet to the park, and they'd played quite happily for quite some time, and then Jet told Don that he had to use the potty. So they went back to the house and Jet "made a big one" and got his tenth stamp. So as they're walking in the door, Jet's saying, "I want my choo-choo. I want my choo-choo NOW."

I said, "I don't know if they're open. I'll have to call them."
"Yeah. Get the man on the phone and see if they open!" he said, making me blink. So we did and Jet started jumping up and down when I repeated, "You're open until 9?" "Open! Open! They open!" he said.

So Jet and I went to get his choo-choo, and on the way he said, "I want the p-khheeeewwww (making his approximation of the sound of a gunshot) one. I want the pkewww one!"

I said, "I don't think they make a pkheeeww one..." I mean, it's Thomas for gosh-sake...

When I pulled into the parking lot for the hobby shop, Jet announced, "There's the choo-choo store!"

So we marched in and, sure enough, there was Thumper, a mining engine, with two 'thumpers' on the front that look an awful lot like missiles. "The pkhheeew choo-choo!" crowed Jet. "I want this one!"

Turns out that, earlier today, Jet spent an entire hour studying the pictures of all the items that are available in the Thomas system. He would contemplate them, bring the pictures to John and ask questions, and then contemplate them some more. Mr. Attention Span. Then he proceeded to play a thirty-minute long game of Chutes and Ladders with John. It's not quite chess at three, but he went for the whole game instead of getting bored and doing something else...

I guess he really did figure out what he wanted, then, and that's why he was using the toilet so systematically. I guess the Potty Train-ing is working out quite well for all concerned, amazing what motivation can do for an intelligent child.

So we got his train, went home, and he played with it until we were too tired to stay up anymore, and we went to sleep. Quite the busy evening.

Jet's been sleeping all night ever since we got him his new bed. Once in a long while, he'll get up in the middle of the night, but mostly he'll just say, "I want to go back to sleep." let us tuck him back into his bed and he'll be asleep again. It's quite the relief. I think it's a combination of the bed, Jet being older, and the new house and how the wind's blowing in a general sense... Hee. Or something. But he's doing immensely better at night now and I'm very glad.

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