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Day Off

It was really hard, today, but I took the day off, even though I had a ToDo list an arms length long.

Some folks we'd thought about asking to take Jet for the day couldn't. And I finally just pushed all my work stuff out of my head and left it all OUT of my head.

So Jet and I had some breakfast while John went off to work.

Then he and I gradually got dressed and ready to go out. We first hit Home Depot. I put him on my shoulders because he seemed kind of cranky and out of it, not badly and not in a mad way, just tired and listless. So I did the walking. Jet insisted on bringing a really big, wooden truck. He giggled when I told him it was okay to set it on my head. He giggled, "I put wood truck on Momma's HEAD!" to the first three people we met. They all looked at him like they didn't understand what he was talking about, which is probably true.

We first picked out one small pot of spearmint. I really want mint in my flower boxes. I love the stuff, and it grows like mad, and I really wanted it somewhere, for tea, for cooking. So we bought a dollar sized pot of mint.

We went to the pruning equipment, and Jet picked out a nice, sharp pair of flower snips. Since they were exactly what I needed, I handed them to him and he held onto them with his truck.

Finally we hit the Killer Section, i.e. all the bug, weed, and pest sprays all in one chemical catastrophe of a place. We bought a big bottle of spray-on aphid (and nearly all other insect forms of life along with warnings about how thoroughly hazard this stuff is to people and pets, too) killer, and checked out. We did the self-checkout and, of course, being tired, Jet sat on the platform that weighs the stuff that's been already scanned. I asked him to get off it, as he was really confusing the machine as to what I was putting in the darned bags. He, of course, ignored me. But then the cashier came over and told him, directly, that he could not sit on the platform. Jet's eyes got all big. He climbed down and stood there, forlornly, while I finished checking out. When I was done, he said, "Up!" and curled in close when I picked him up. It's one way to learn, I think.

From there, we headed back to the car, and as I buckled him in, he said that he wanted to go to the library. I asked him what kind of book he wanted and he said, "A truck book, please."

So we went to the library. We waltzed into the front door, this time, after parking in the shade (it was already 94 by 10:30 in the morning), and walked up to the information desk. Jet said, "Hi! We're going to get books!" to the lady there.

She smiled at him, "I'm glad. I hope you like them!"

"I will!" he stated.

I asked the more mundane question of how to sign him up for their summer reading program, and as we walked away Jet stated, again, "Yay! We're getting books!"

And then he started running for the kids' section. It wasn't too far, thank goodness, and he got sucked into the puppet theater quite happily. It's a little theater with a box full of puppets and mild rules about how many kids can play in it at once. He did great and tried on a crocodile, a dinosaur, and a rabbit in turns.

While he was playing I spotted a book called Five Trucks. I picked it up, showed it to Jet, and Jet left the theater and said, "Talk it for me!"

So we sat down right there and read the book. It was about five truck and five drivers that prep an airplane so that it can fly. He loved it. He wanted to walk out with just that book. I said, "But you can get three!"

"I don't want three!" he said. But he picked on more, and then refused, absolutely, to get any more.

I signed him up for the program. The kid can pick one book per 'paw print' or a twenty minute interval of reading or being read to for another, and for older kids, an hour per print. Fifteen prints and it's a prize for the kid. The librarian there assumed that we'd be doing a book per print. I'm not so sure. Especially since it's two weeks before the first prize can be awarded, and Jet likes getting read a book multiple times when he's in love with it. We were already a print in, and I know that when we get that book home, it'll be read every night, multiple times simply because he wants it, paw prints or not... even twenty minutes might be something he does more than once a day...

I guess we do read to Jet a lot when he asks for it.

I then did the self-checkout for the books, too. It was cool that they had that system there.

Jet was pretty tired, but it wasn't even really 11, yet, and I wanted to do something about those aphids.

So Jet and I went to the church, parked in the shade, and I put Jet and his trucks in the shade upwind of the rose garden. Then I took out the bottle of killer stuff and started applying it, liberally. There was no wind when I started. By the time I was finishing, though, the wind was picking up. Bleh. Someone had already watered the garden for today, so I didn't worry about doing that, and with the hot, hot weather, there were big, nasty clouds on the horizon. Yay for thunderstorms!

Jet, however, didn't stay put, either, and in the midst of my spraying I hear, "Hey! The door's open. Where is everybody?"

Jet found an open door and ducked into the church. A moment later, the church secretary came by and peered at Jet, "Where is your mother?" she asked. Jet pointed. "Oh! I didn't see you, and I just heard a small voice..."

"That's fine. I'm glad you checked." I told her.

The winds picked up and started swirling the stuff around. I got some of it on myself, and was mildly grumpy. I'd used half the bottle, so I decided to just stop, and we went back to the van. I checked Jet's pull-ups, loaded him in, and we headed home. He fell asleep. I put him in the very cool guest room, and then took a thorough shower before glancing at my work email, and only answering what I had to. I ate lunch. I did a few other things.

When Jet woke up, we cuddled in the rocking chair while he drank some milk and really woke up. At 4 John came home and we headed for the Rec. Center and had a blast. Jet was really into the big slides today, and he and John went down on a float together!! It was so fast, I was a little scared to do that. Jet loved it.

Jet really wanted fries for dinner, so we headed for the Pumphouse. Sadly, it was so full of people (with Game 7, great weather, a patio full of people) that we got drinks and then it took twenty minutes for any food to show, so Jet drank all his chocolate milk before there was any food at all, so he was completely uninterested in food when it did come. Bleh. Ah well, we'll have to remember not to go there. Both John and I ordered salads, and I was less impressed than I was by the Wild Coho salmon I'd asked them to top the salad with. That was good. I should probably have stuck with their hamburgers and pub food instead.

Home again, home again, and John needed a bunch of brownies for his meeting tomorrow night. So I made a from-scratch recipe in Cooks Illustrated. It's a 'regular' recipe, i.e. not a fancy super-rich recipe. Just regular brownies with nuts added as desired. A good thing was that it made a full 13x9 pan of them instead of an 8x8 pan of them. So there would be plenty of leftovers for us. It was pretty simple, too. But I found bugs in the cake flour. I ran out of regular sugar. I did have plain, bleached all-purpose, though, and I did have my super-fine sugar, so I used those, instead. I thought the unsweetened Callebaut would help correct any problems I had with texture. It's just measure flour and leavening. Then melt chocolate and butter together, beat in sugar, eggs, and vanilla, and then fold the flour mixture in. Turn it into the pan, sprinkle toasted nuts on top and wow. They were done rather late, as we started rather late from after getting home from the Rec. Center.

But Jet was still up when they were done. He was sleep, though by the time they were cooling on the stove's racks. He was tired.

Heck. I'm tired. A great day, though unexpectedly off. I just really enjoyed spending the day with Jet and really enjoying the library with him. We'll have to do that kind of thing more often, now that I'm taking a whole day off on a regular basis.

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