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Jet Juggling

Since the caregiver for Jet was still ill this morning John and I had to do some consummate Jet-juggling in order to get what we needed to do done.

I had an 8 am meeting that I hadn't prepped properly for. When Jet was up at 6, he asked me to lie down with him, and I didn't get up until 6:30. John took over, then, and I jumped in the car, went to the local coffee shop and bought scones for everyone. This in apology to those locals I was making get up and in earlier than usual.

I got the agenda down a good fifteen minutes before the meeting, got it out to folks, got a meeting room, coordinated the call between us and Ireland, and when the meeting started, most everyone was there and had the agenda in-hand. Yay! Since the main thing was going over what this group was about, what the responsibilities were going to be and what the reporting and problem structure was like, it was okay for no one else to have seen it.

We marched right though the agenda, made reports on things that were holding people up, got a clean resolution and a follow through with a short-term solution, a medium-term solution, and a pretty solid long-term solution all different. *grin* Then we were done, and it was just half an hour for a meeting scheduled for an hour. Everyone was happy and I was off.

My 9 'o' clock meeting disappeared from my calendar and shifted itself, magically, to 11.

So I ran home. John and I had a meeting at 9:30, but he was presenting something, so he went in while I came home. Jet insisted that I set up my toys in his play area, NOT the study. So I set up a couple of old Big wire spools as tables, and put up my laptop and settled in. Jet played choo-choos while I played meeting. *grin*

We did famously until the sprinkler people showed up with just ten minutes to go in my meeting. Then all heck broke loose as the guy tried to explain all the zones to me, Jet wanted to go out to see what they were doing, and the meeting reached the point where I really was supposed to be paying attention. Well, as can be expected, the meeting lost. The sprinkler guy put Jet's shoes on so that Jet could go out with them, and Jet got to see everything they were doing. He was a very happy boy.

Then they were done, my meeting was done, and I just had enough time to pay them before the phone ran for my 11 meeting. Jet wanted to stay outside, so I spent half of my meeting outside pushing trucks around. Fortunately or un, I was the main speaker at this meeting, and I was very, very glad that I had a profound enough grasp of what I needed to talk about that I could do so while being buried in sand.

When that was done, I stopped all work activities, played with Jet. When I told him I was having liverwurst for lunch he laughed and said he wanted some too. He actually tasted the stuff, made a mild face and when I asked him if he wanted more he said, "No, thanks." Polite child.

He got cooked ramen instead, and ate half a brick and drank all the soup. He got a slice of watermelon after that, and a handful of pitted cherries. Then he ate a brownie and some chocolate milk. His belly was sticking out when he finally climbed into my lap, asked to watch TV, and fell asleep to the strains of Food Finds. When he started snoring, I put him to bed.

At 1:15 John came home. I packed up, zoomed into to work, and did a presentation to one of the big organizational committees. I reflected, as I walked down the stairs to a group that most of the biggest organizations in the company's software organization, that I couldn't have done this with this kind of confidence ten years ago. But I also knew it was just a fifteen minute presentation, really, and that I was just there to ask for help and for opinions and those are the easiest thing to ask for of these kind of people. And, as expected, I got no help but I did get some good opinions and thoughts, which was what I really expected of them. Maybe those ten years have just mellowed my expectations of lofty arenas.

When I was done, I packed up, went home, did some work in a quiet house as the boys had gone out to get some custom window screens for some of the windows that had come missing screens. John had ordered them earlier in the week, and they just needed to pick them up.

At 4, they came home, and we headed into the Rec. Center, left Jet with the toys, did our workout, and went swimming. I was brave and took Jet down the big slide in a float, and my neck and shoulders now really regret that decision. I was sitting a little too far back, and on the way down, we got whipped to one side so fast it flipped me onto my back. I had Jet in my lap, so he was on top of me when we hit the water at full speed. I got him up over the surface first, and he said, "Wheee!! Again! Again!!" I let John take him. I wrenched a shoulder, neck, and arm trying to get back up and hold onto Jet at that speed as well. Ouch.

Dinner was Woody's Woodfired Oven Pizza. A pizza buffet with a soup and salad buffet as well. Drinks were generous and cheap, and Jet ate for free. He actually ate a whole piece of cheese pizza and half a piece of pepperoni pizza! He also drank half his cranberry juice before finally getting full and bored. We finished soon after, so it was okay.

For some reason, Jet started saying, "I want to go to Home Depot! I want to go to Home Depot!"

So we went to Home Depot. The water heater in this house has a corroded connection that's been dropping bits of yuck into our hot water. It's been clogging up the faucet filters, and it's just crystallized whatever, but it's still stuff I don't want in our water. John figured out it might be the hot water heater, not just our sources of water, and he figured out that the hot water heater is just out of warranty, so we're getting a new water heater on Friday. We needed a catch basin for it, and we needed a cover for an outlet. Jet cheerfully rode my shoulders the whole time, and talked and talked and talked and asked questions and I tried to answer them as best as I was able. He reached down to grab things that were within his reach. Of course that tweaked my neck and shoulders pretty thoroughly; but it may well have helped me stretch out a bit, too.

Anyway... by the time we got everything Jet was ready to go home. So we did. They're now playing in the play room, and I'm taking a bit of time to write.

Brenda CAN take Jet tomorrow morning. So I won't have a day off, but I will have a day where I can catch up on all the things I couldn't get to while playing with Jet. I'd already taken Monday off due to kid care issues, and it's been long enough, I think. We've done pretty well with the juggling and Jet doesn't seem to be any less secure for all that we've been with him while working at home. But it'll be nice for us to have more focused routine.

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