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Day Off

I had a great day off, today.

It was really nice to know that I can mentally turn off my work brain and just enjoy Jet on the day that I do have off.

John actually took the early part of the morning, for me, as I really needed to sleep in. Earlier in the week I'd been having a rough time sleeping, and it felt great to sleep in. When I got up, put myself together, and got downstairs in order to put my breakfast together, Jet was watching some TV, and John was off to work. Jet was really into Nick Jr. and since he was really liking it, I just let him watch and we shared a bagel. Jet was really happy to have me there, and when I talked about going out and doing things, he said, "Not yet. Not yet." So we stayed at home, enjoying the TV and toys, instead of pushing it or anything. I enjoyed my breakfast, some newspaper, and then at 9:30, I had an hour long meeting.

When there was only five minutes to go, the cleaners came, set up shop and let Jet tag along with them as they went through the lower floors. I went up to the office for the last bit, but it kept going. When it was five more minutes, it finally ended, and I hung up. Whew.

The cleaners had turned on the vacuum cleaner just as I hung up, and Jet started just running and running and running around. It was great. Jet loved it. He just laughed and laughed as I chased him around with his pants. Yeah. Three-year-olds. He had skinnied out of his pants and was running around in his pull-ups. That was really fun. I think I laughed as much as he did as we raced around and around the house. He was having so much fun running, I thought it would be a shame to stop. But he finally jumped into my arms and demanded to go to the library. Hee. I'd talked about it earlier, and it stuck. We got his pants, but he said he wanted to use the potty. He wanted to stand up, too, and he got up on the stool, cocked his hips and let fly in a beautiful, accurate arc that hit right on the water. Wow. He really gets it. We put a stamp on his page, and then put his shoes and jackets on and went out to the car.

We went to the library. It was raining really hard. But Jet and I made it in, no problem, with his books and his record sheet, and his face lit up when the librarian brought out a brightly colored backpack and asked him to pick. He carefully looked everything over and picked up a green, plastic trumpet and grinned big. He also answered her questions about the books that he'd read, though it was more on the order of 'who reads to you?' rather than anything about the content of the books themselves, which I thought was very intelligent. Though Jet was the one who added, "Yeah. I want them to read to me again and again!" Hee. Given that he earned the first 'prize' in less than four days, we moved to the plan where we only mark the days when we read twenty minutes or more, now.

Then Jet and I got a couple of videos and four books. He picked "Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep" and "The Donkey and the Stone". I picked "Never Poke a Squid" and "Pancake Pancake!". I was surprised to find that "The Donkey and the Stone" was actually a Tibetian story. And "Never Poke a Squid" was just drop-dead hilarious. It was unexpected, as it's basically a book about the chaotic happenings in a 1st grade class. I just about fell over when I read it the first time, and Jet looked really puzzled because the thing that was so hilarious to me was the discontinuity of the whole thing, especially the plot point connected to the title. I need to find everything else by this author.

From there, we headed to McDonald's. He really wanted to go and I had no real objection. I'd eaten healthy all week and I might as well have something bad for me, too. So we went and Jet wanted to go, immediately, to the play area. I felt he's good enough at it, now, that I could make sure he could climb and then just leave him there while I went to get the food. Surprise of surprises, Joan and Jodie were there! With all their kids! And the kids immediately hugged Jet and dragged him and pushed him up the climbing structure! He was so happy. He hasn't seen any of them for a really long time, and hadn't seen Joan or Haley for nearly three weeks. It was really good for him, and even though he looked about ready to go to sleep on the trip between the library and the restaurant, he climbed, ran, shouted, talked, and had a blast with the other kids.

When it came time to eat, he sat on a stool, lined up with all the other kids, and ate his nuggets and drank Hi-C. I kept the fries and toys until he was done with his chicken, and then he got those as well. He ate half the fries, most of the chicken, and drank plenty of his juice. Yay!

When they all had to leave, we left, too. When Jet got in the car, he asked, "Can I have an ice cream cone, please?"

I thought about it. "Sure."

We stopped by the Dairy Queen on the way home, and he got a little, kid's cone, and the server lady just coated it in sprinkles. I had a small hot fudge sundae with nuts, and it took about the same amount of time for him to finish his as for me to finish mine. Both of us were very grateful for the wet wipes. *grin* He really enjoyed it, and he was so content after all that food and exercise, that he fell asleep before I had even pulled out of the parking lot.

He napped for two hours. I finished the few work things I'd planned for his nap and a few things more. While I was working, the front doorbell rang. It was our next door neighbor. He said, "Hey, we found this in Mikayla's toy box and I know it's not hers... is this yours?" It was my two million step pikachu!!! So that was really, really good after what had felt like such a bad week... I'm so glad I have it back.

When Jet woke up, we had VeggieTales fruit snacks together, along with some hot chocolate, and then started roasting a chicken and some potatoes for dinner. He scrubbed the potatoes happily. We got it all into the oven. The rain started falling really hard when that was roasting, and the warm, wonderful scent of all that was a good counterpoint to the falling of the rain. Mmm... I made myself some rooiboos and enjoyed the warmth of it quite happily.

It's been a good day.

John got home late. He'd been caught up in a meeting. But he was happy to take Jet for a while as I finished making dinner. We had roasted chicken, potatoes, gravy, and broccoli. Yum. Simple food, but good, and Jet ate a big bowl of rice with fish sprinkles and sauce. I'd made him a small plate of the chicken and potatoes, but he refused it, as usual, and just ate his rice happily. He did a good job on it, too.

We played with trucks and trains for a while. He really loves his trains. Brenda, the other day, said that when he was upset about having to nap in a strange place with strange people, when she gave him his trains, he calmed down and went down for his nap much more easily. They're something he really knows, inside and out, and they fascinate his attention for detail as they're so detailed. He loves that they have faces and eyebrows, he studies all their magnets and how they cling to each other or repel each other, and he seems to love studying them as well as playing with them. The picture paper with all the possible things to get is really important to him.

John went to bed at 8:30 as he was falling asleep holding Jet. Since he and Jet had been up at 5:30, it wasn't surprising. Jet even asked to get his pajamas and brush teeth while John went up. Jet was falling asleep. The unusual thing was that he wanted to stay up and play a while before going to sleep. So we watched one of his Blue Clues episodes, and then I turned to Food TV, and he got bored quickly enough and nursed himself to sleep. The rain was a nice counterpoint. I so miss the rain, especially these days after days after days of it. I am really enjoying this short interlude and Heaven knows this region needs the water badly enough.

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