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Slow Shuttle Service

I had a long day at work, today. Sometimes it's good to feel effective. Other times it's just appalling how many things I have on my ToDo list that get done when I have the concentration of a full day. It was also very good to have a 1:1 with my boss where I felt like he addressed everything I really needed addressed, including asking me questions like, "Are you having any fun? Is this what you really expected when you took on the job? Are you feeling like you're just a minutes taker or is your expertice and intelligence actually being used?" Wow.

Nice things to think about. It helps when my boss tells me to leave my work troubles at work and not take them home. I need the reminders.

I am not sleeping well. I don't know exactly why, but there's some vague thing hovering over my brain and I don't know exactly what to do about it. I also miss having, at least, the option of napping while Jet naps.

But things seem to be working out okay. John and Jet had another fun day, though they didn't do the soccer thing as Jet just didn't want to. He seems to be missing on sleep, too, and took a really long, good nap at home. Since he'd not napped much yesterday and had so much to do that he fell asleep at dinner, it wasn't too surprising.

But he had a long, good nap, so when I came home, they were ready to go out to Flat Irons Mall and do stuff. It had been raining all day, and it was raining when we got to the mall, too. We had a few things we wanted to get. I needed to go to the pearl tea tea shop (Tea Utopia), and see what they had to offer. They had a very nice selection of teas, but it was all in glass jars! Ugh. But the pearl tea was pretty good. The pearls had been cooked in tea and soaked in sugar syrup, so they tasted right. And they weren't skippy with the sweetener. Jet liked it, too. They also had some nice rooiboos and mate selections, so I got an ounce of two different things for far less than it would have been to mail order them and have them shipped. So it was nice. When we got to the shuttle stop, we saw one leave, so we went back to a toy store to look for a Pikachu.

Since last week, mine's disappeared. Jet had worn it on a day when he'd gone over to Mikayla's to play, and it had been gone since. We'd looked in both yards, but couldn't find it, so I thought I'd see if they were still in stores. It wasn't in the toy store we were in, but there were lots of trains and stuff there, so Jet was happy.

When we went out the next time, Jet suddenly announced that he was poopy. Oops. So John took him in to change him and, of course, while they were inside, the shuttle came by. There's something like 20-30 minutes between shuttles. So John asked if he could just walk to the car and drive it to the place we were going. Then, when Jet and I caught the shuttle, he'd be there, and we could just go home from the Great Indoors rather than going all the way around. It would give John time alone and it would give us the time to get there. I said sure.

Of course, the minute John walked away Jet wanted to go with him rather than ride the shuttle. I persisted and Jet decided it was okay to stay... but half an hour is a long time for a toddler to wait. He did okay, though, and we talked and told stories. He talked about good rangers, crocodiles, and dragons. He also asked for a Clif bar, and I gave him one and he ate it happily and drank the last of my tea. When it finally came, he ran and climbed on himself, and we went. He sat and watched the world go by outside, and told me about what he saw. He also wanted to get out a few times when the shuttle stopped, but I told him that we'd get out when we saw Daddy.

So when we saw Daddy, Jet was so happy! He jumped down, ran out, jumped up into John's arms and announced, "Daddy! We missed you!"

How cool!

While we were in the shuttle, I asked John to buy the knife that we'd talked about. It's a Wusthof santoku with the hollowed out edge and it was on sale with a very sharp and nicely made paring knife. He'd found the ad in the newspaper, for pretty much the same price that the pair could be had on line, so I thought it was worthwhile to just get it. So he had the set by the time we arrived, and he led us to the car.

Home again home again, and John made a taco salad for us and cooked noodles for Jet. Jet ate them quite happily after saying grace with us.

I Googled around for the pikachu and the only thing I could find was an ad for one for 25 British pounds!! That was so discouraging. Fifty bucks for something I'd clipped to Jet's belt? Agh.

After putting Jet to bed I looked again, and after stumbling on the GS 2 nomer for the puppy, I found dozens of them on ebay for five bucks. Whew. That made me much, much happier. It was good to know that I could probably replace it for less than it had originally sold for, retail. I actually miss the old one, as I have more than two million steps on it, and to lose all that history seemed a very sad thing. Of course, I also know that the battery may conk out at any moment, too; but at least, now, it's one less thing for me to lose sleep over.

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