Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Daddy's Day

We actually saw sunshine today, for the first time in five or so days. It felt odd, insubstantial, as if it shouldn't be so bright, and then it was gone. Oddly, it was more comfortable without, almost as if we were home again. Even after five years here, the Pacific Northwest still feels like it ought to be home, though I know that that won't be forever.

John, by accident, did a double batch of waffles. They were beautifully light, crisp, and flavorful. For being one hundred percent whole wheat, they were remarkable. Jet ate two whole squares of waffle and two slice of bacon. I was quite impressed.

In the Sunday Funnies was a line I liked, "Any man can be a Father. It takes a special kind of man to be a Dad."

Church was good. Snacks went exactly to plan, even to the two minute construction of a caprice salad that was consumed within minutes of it appearing on the table. We had a huge platter of melon, a platter of the mint brownies, the salad, a loaf of bread with green chile goat cheese (all local), and a platter of mild cheddar slices and crackers for the less adventurous. Everything was eaten but a tablespoon of the goat cheese. I was highly impressed. There was also a sprinkle covered birthday cake for the June birthdays, and the funny thing was that there was an entire half a cake left over... so it wasn't that folks were just hungry or else the cake would have disappeared as well.

I had three people tell me that I had to make the brownies again, and I told them that John had made them, but John wasn't told that at all. Four others commented in how good they were, and I passed all those comments into John. Isabel, if you read this, those brownies were a huge hit.

Jet fell asleep on the way home. It was bright sunshine, then. He napped an hour and a half. I napped for two. When I got up, John told me that Jet was at Tanner and Macy's. So after making myself some lunch, I went to the church to deal with the roses.

The skies had clouded over again, and it started raining lightly at the house. I got my stuff together, and went out to the car, and drove over to the church, where the pavement was still dry. I put my stuff under cover, put in my rain coat, put in my gloves, took my clippers, and went into the garden. As soon as I had clipped the first rose, it started to just POUR.

It rained so hard, the gutters started just spewing water out into the courtyard. There was no time for the water to get down the drains, there were just waterfalls from three lower areas on the gutters. I was quite impressed. I stood under the overhang and watched the skies open up with raindrops the size of golf balls. The courtyard flooded in five minutes. Then it reached the drain, and it stayed under about four inches of water for the next five minutes, gradually flooding all of the bark-covered area. Now I know why the bark creeps onto the sidewalks around the garden. At about ten minutes it seemed to lessen, so I started out with my clippers and then walked right back when it picked up again. Waterfalls for another two minutes. Then it slacked off to just a steady, light rain. When I went out this time, it didn't pick up again.

I went out in my bare feet. I waded in the water that was four inches deep and just did all the things I could reach from the concrete. It wasn't a lot, but it was all the easily visible stuff from the walkway. By the time I finished with that, the rain had stopped, the water levels had gone down to a reasonable level, and I was able to put my shoes back on without getting them completely soaked. By that time I finally realized why I was having so many lower back problems for the last couple of weeks. I lean out way too far while bending down in order to get the far, dead roses. The big job with the rose bed is cleaning it all the dying flowers so that the plants can't produce rosehips. By frustrating the ultimate drive of the plant, i.e. reproduction, they keep making flowers to try and make seeds, so the roses not only keep blooming, but bloom more and more spectacularly. In order to find all the spent blooms, I was going under the bushes, around them, and mostly just bending down to get at all the deadheads I had to clear away (the origin of the term?).

I was making the mistake of bending down rather than kneeling down. There were just so many! I ended up, this time, as with the last few times, taking off more than 10 gallons of dead or dying flowers. Buckets of petals, stem, and flower heads, with a liberal dousing of rainwater. Near the beginning, the bucket was actually floating, by the fifth gallon I would leave the bucket in one place while bringing the deadheads to it. Then I would haul the whole thing to the relatively empty dumpster. A rose-scented dumpster! By the time I'd done all ten gallons of biomass collection, it was already an hour and a half and I couldn't find that much more to cut off. All the aphids were gone, the ladybugs were prolific, and it all looked good again. The water of the past week seemed to make every bush much happier. I said my good-byes and took two buds, one yellow, one shocking pink. The first was from the bush that had been the most badly afflicted by the aphids. The second was just because every flower from that bush had smelled like heaven, and I wanted a small reward from that garden of some fifty rose bushes.

And I left. I may do more work later on in the summer, but, for now, my stint was done and I was glad.

When I got home, Jet was being delivered by Tonya, Tanner, and Macy. John asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride with them, and then we remembered that my bike was at work. So I walked to work, got my bike and met John and Jet at the park. My extra adventure gave Jet plenty of time to climb and slide. We met by the swollen creek and watched the water for a while before heading to Cold Stone and some ice cream for all! Yay! We beat the Father's Day rush.

From there, I followed John on a meandering ride through back trails and side roads and one busy street before we finally got home. Mmm... home. Once there, I laid out pizza dough and started fixing toppings while John and Jet called John's parents only to find out that George was out. I got in a good, long conversation with my parents. Then we fixed pizzas as John had asked for that yesterday. They were good, too, as the dough had had a day in which to ferment, so it was light, airy and tasty. Yum. I think that my Italian sausage were all mixed up as the stuff that had been marked 'mild' had been so hot that even when I'd put it in a casserole, it had killed me, and this 'hot' sausage was just tasty. Yummy even on pizza. So at least I know that the 'hot' stuff is good for everyday usage.

We enjoyed our dinner, cleaned up, and headed for the hot tub, as it was dry out, but cool. That was very nice indeed. Jet and John counted lights all the way around the hot tub. Jet went all the way around before finally getting bored of the exercise, and then he jumped and swam around and around. Happy boy. He'd been asking to go swimming all day, but it was either too rainy or too cold or we were doing other things. So now he got some time in the water, and he enjoyed it tremendously.

Bed time was easy after a quick shower and nurse. I guess he's tired again.

John thanked me for a fun Father's Day. I really liked it, too. Yay!

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