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I walked to work this morning. It was pleasant, completely clear, and beautiful. For some reason work isn't as stressful as it was even just last week. I"m not entirely sure why, but some of it may well just be that I know my place, now, and I have, finally, an established routine. i've mostly been to the same meetings, all week, for two or three weeks, and that's been quite the improvement over the Unknown Schedule, where I'd have to check every morning to make sure I didn't have any new meetings that I hadn't been told about.

It's much nicer now.

It also helps a lot that people are asking me for help and that I'm actually able, on the most part, to do what they need me to do.

So I did. All day.

When I went home, Jet was asleep. John and Jet had had a really busy day, all in all, and had ridden all over Longmont on their bike to get stuff all over town. They had gotten parts for the Passat, as the last oil change had left the cover hanging, for some reason, and they'd gotten to go to the park, got hulled bird seed so it wouldn't sprout in the yard, and they cleaned out a significant portion of the garage. They found my seeds!! They also found my weeding tool and more clippers so I'll be completely set the next time I take care of the rose garden.

I started some rice for an artichoke heart casserole and Jet and I planted carrot seeds in the garden and two, only two, zucchini seeds. Of course they won't come up or something, but hey, what's summer without zucchini? Then Makayla came over to play with Jet and Jet was really rude. But she stuck around and was rude back, quite cheerfully. I wonder if they're just doing that to figure out how that works? But Jet kept telling her what she couldn't do, and she'd do it anyway and then call him 'poopy pants' when he got mad. John and I stayed out of it, figuring they'd work it out, we only stepped in when they started swinging Jet's sand shovel and rake at each other. They dropped that pretty readily and went back to just yelling at each other but continuing to play with each other quite happily.

I made dinner. It's a six layered casserole with a curry-cream sauce on top, and it's really good, but it takes a while to prepare and a while to cook so it was nearly eight by the time we ate. Since Jet had had a late snack, he was actually okay for all that, and he ate a whole bowl of rice with seaweed and fish for dinner. He asked for a cookie to start, but was okay with 'just' getting dinner, and after he'd eaten dinner, he didn't want the treat anymore. Pretty quickly, he asked for pajamas and teeth, and we nursed...

... and nursed and nursed... I tried putting him in his bed twice and he woke up crying to be taken downstairs. I think that the late nap was the problem, but it might have been other things, including his fighting, constantly, with Makayla. John went to sleep after the first attempt, as he was up way too late last night, and needed the sleep. When Jet finally did stay down, I was so wound up and angry at the whole thing that I brewed myself some ginger rooiboos and sat down with it in front of the TV and just watched for a while.

There's an interesting show called Overhaulin' that I really like. It's on The Learning Channel. They trick people and take their cars (looks like stealing them, towing away for parking somewhere, etc.), give 'em a runaround for a week, and then present them with a completely remade car, usually 90% replaced with new parts, usually a gorgeous new paint job, and some astonishing extras. The sheer emotion when the people get their thought-to-be-lost cars back is just amazing.

I will probably watch more of those shows as I can get 'em.

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