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Fast Food

Put a dozen 10 count frozen, headless tiger shrimp in cold water.
Put a quart of water on to boil in a sauce pan.
Put a cup and a half of chicken broth on to boil with a teaspoon of butter in it.
Turn the outdoor grill on High.
Change the water on the shrimp.
Snap the ends off of fresh green beans and snap them in the middle.
Change the water on the shrimp
Ask Jet what he wants for dinner, "Cooked noodle soup, please, Mom." "Okay."
Put on a cup of water to boil
Open a package of ramen, snap it in half along the spine, put half of it away, break the remaining half up into bite-sized pieces.
Devein the thawed shrimp, toss them with canola and Old Bay.
Throw the shrimp on the grill. Hisss....
Throw the snapped green beans into the boiling water, put on a seven minute timer.
Throw the noodles into the boiling cup of water, put on a three minute timer.
Turn the shrimp.
Throw three-quarters cup of couscous in the boiling chicken broth, take it off the heat and cover.
Slice mint from the garden into thin ribbons.
Noodle alarm goes off. Pour onto soup mix.
Take the shrimp off the grill, six to a plate.
Green bean alarm goes off, fish from water, dress with balsamic and olive oil and a pinch of mint on the plates.
Spoon perfectly fluffy couscous onto plates, dress with mint.

It could qualify as a Thirty Minute Meal, I think. Though it may well have taken me just twenty, deveining shrimp is easier for me with practice. I don't think the slow food people would approve, at all, but it was all from scratch. I think I like cooking without a box.

I'd had an oddly chaotic day at work. John had a work-generating day, though his Mondays are usually that way. Jet had, mostly, had a blast at Joan's. He ate chicken nuggets, all FOUR of them before diving into his fries and pop, and he'd played hard with Haley and Alex. He had an hour and a half nap, but he woke up covered in vomit. He'd gone there with a nose cold, and we're guessing the sheer volume of mucus had just gotten to him and he threw up while he was asleep. He wasn't upset about throwing up at all. Ashley and Bev had cleaned him up, cleaned up the bed, and he'd gone his merry way at top speed. Everyone said that he hadn't slowed down a single bit.

When I went to get him at 4, he seemed really happy, though he was also really happy to see me and wanted to go home. He climbed on me and asked if he could go swimming. When I heard that he'd thrown up, I said no. We need to get you well, first. He'd slept in until 8. He'd been up with John for an hour and a half. Good thing John had that three hour nap, yesterday. Whew.

I can't believe it's already been a week since I last wrote a journal entry.

Jet and I went to a juice bar and got juices. I added vitamin C booster to his fruit smoothie, and he drank it all down, no problem. Not the slightest trace of nausea or any stomach upset, he just kept asking for tissues to blow his nose. It's thickening, so I think he's well over it, now, but the C couldn't hurt. I got calcium in my mango tango, and enjoyed the "half size". I can't imagine drinking 24 ounces of something with This Much Sugar. Aiee.

We went home, played with stuff, talked about his day, discussed bathes and that it wasn't Now, because bathes meant pajamas and brush teeth time. By the time I'd changed him out of a really poopy pair of pull-ups John was home and needed a little Jet time to unwind. So I made our fast food dinner. Last night it was shucked peas from English peas instead of the green beans, and wild Sockeye salmon in a pan with a little butter instead of shrimp, so it was just as fast, and quite good, too. I love summer foods.

I also love my composter. It's a tumble composter, and I had fun just going out and putting the last bits of things into it.

While John and Jet were playing, Jet suddenly started singing the ABC song, though it went more like A, B, S ... He made it up, cheerfully, as he went along. When John sang the real deal, Jet sang along with, making up the sounds as he went. I was pretty impressed that he did it at all. When Jet was telling me about his day, there were a few monsters, crocodiles, and repeatition of what Joan said that he'd said, too, like "Joan, please give me a tissue to blow my nose!" *giggles*.

Then we watched "Rugrats Go Wild" and had a blast. We all loved it.

John than gave Jet a bath. He needed it, as he'd been cleaned but not quite as thoroughly as he could have been. He's really happy, and not a retch in sight. I think he'll be fine, as he's dancing right beside me right now, impatient to Get To Bed. Hee.

Good night.

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